Case of success: the Ford GT extends to 4 years production

even Ford expected the success it would harvest the all-new Ford GT, a sport that was announced with a limited production of 500 units in 2 years of manufacture. But rectify is wise, and even more considering the very long list of potential buyers that have Ford in their hands. That said, Ford announces the expansion in 2 years of production of the Ford GT.

All-New Ford GT

The Ford GT wide to 4 years production, but… are we going to See Ford produce more than 250 units per year?

The third generation of the Ford GT was raised in a very different way to anything known to date in Ford. While it was speculated that, given their technology and the image we would speak of a sporty low-production, Ford was beyond with a target production of just 250 units a year and some requirements of purchase where the money factor is less decisive.

Now that we begin to know the first customers have already been confirmed by Ford as buyers, Ford has decided to step forward and confirm a third and fourth year of manufacturing. We have to remember that in addition to the manufacture of the Ford GT is a project fully pioneer for Ford, finding a carbon-fibre chassis that is new in the manufacturer. At the same time, the Ford GT is being assembled by Multimatic in their factory in Canada, the same factory where they are assembled the Ford GT racing.


In the words of Ford, and given the success of the new GT in competition, has been chosen to defend the increase of the production of the Ford GT as a logical move taking into account the racing program scheduled for the Ford GT. While the Ford GT is involved in racing, his production should still be active.

But neither breath relieved if you are one of the customers on the waiting list, and that is that Ford has not communicated that rate of production will be in the years 3 and 4. knowing that during the first 2 years will produce 500 Ford GT, it is hoped that after the age of 4 years is to reach at least 1,000 units, but Ford has not confirmed that figure despite the fact that those interested in the Ford GT are counted by thousands.

Source: Ford

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