This is the new generation Audi R8

   The second generation of the Audi R8 debut at the Geneva Motor Show, but the first picture and filtered through Internet . Win a body more straight lines but maintains its main aesthetic characteristics unchanged.   T s usual in these cases, the first photograph new generation of Audi R8 has been leaked on … Read more

Official: The new Audi R8 V10 gets 610 hp

  L I fter the first picture of the new generation of the Audi R8 was leaked on the Internet, the German firm released a small gallery official photos that shows the characteristics of the new model, as well as some of its mechanical details. His aesthetic keeps the features and appearance of the model … Read more

The Car Brands You Can Rely Upon

People tend to have an inclination to reliability than the model of the car. Reliability is deemed to be offered by almost every brand of car manufacturers in the world which makes it more difficult for the common people to ascertain the whether it is a mere marketing ploy or a real story. In this … Read more

Car Brands That Have Proved Themselves To Be The Best Among Rest

Car remains a fascination for many. Many people love to remain updated about cars. This does not always have the intention to buy but obviously it lets you know which car brand has been consistent in service. If you know this you will never go wrong when someday you will fulfill your dream of buying … Read more

Most dependable car brands

When it comes to purchase a car people generally goes for known brand name mostly found in TV advertisement, but are they reliable enough to trust blindly? Every company use terms like “most reliable”, “most comfortable”, “striking designs” to draw customer attention; they embed those terms into the customer’s head; so that people may choose … Read more