Caterham present three models in 2015 and restructured its range

Caterham Seven monoplaza Caterham presentará tres modelos en 2015 y reestructurará su gama Changing the naming system is something that is becoming fashionable for two reasons restructure the range and provide the client how models are organized within the range of a simple form. There are brands that are impossible to decipher why some denominations. A clear example is McLaren, who has announced that its latest model called Sports Series. Does anyone understand anything?

But let’s focus on the protagonist of this article, Caterham . The British craft manufacturer plans, according to the British magazine Autocar, present three new models in 2015 and restructure its range with a new naming system will be based on the specific power, ie horses per tonne . Two of the current model range has this designation, 160 and 620R, and between three new models appear.

These three new models will be, say, a kind of restyling of existing models with minor cosmetic tweaks and mechanical improvements. They also disappear from the denominations range as Superlight , Roadsport and Supersport CSR goes only designation for the most effective model maker. Starting next year, taking into account this information, two surnames, S and R, which will identify various option packages appear.

Source – Autocar

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