Caterham Seven 310, 152 HP and 540 kg of pure fun

The british firm Caterham continues to expand its range of models at a pace enviable, something that you can afford due to the success that they are having their latest releases. Until now there was on the market three different versions of the legendary Caterham Seven, namely: Caterham 165 (80 HP and 490 kg), Caterham 275 (137 HP and 540 kg), Caterham 425 (240 HP and 525 kg) and the lavish Caterham 620 (311 HP and 550 kg). The range already makes up a wide range of possibilities for those interested in this type of vehicle, but Caterham has gone a step further with the launch of a new version that is situated exactly in the middle in terms of power and performance.

Talk of the Caterham 310, a twist of the Caterham 275 that seeks to further fine-tune the driving experience of the Seven. The base mechanics are the same, in fact the only change is the increased power of the 1.6 engine source Ford, who goes from 137 to 152 HP. The revision of the propellant has been changes in the camshaft and on the mapping. Apart from that, aesthetically premiered a few new lights with LED technology soon to also be available in the rest of the range Caterham Seven.

caterham-310-2In principle, this evolution of the engine was only going to be available for versions of the competition of Caterham Seven, but the engineers are so happy of the result that they have decided to launch this version of street. Is more, they claim that this upgrade is the perfect balance of what we seek to offer to customers. This improvement of the power implies obviously an improvement in the performance. The Caterham 310 accelerates from 0 to 96 km/h in 4.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 204 km/h.

however, for those who want a touch of something more radical, is available the kit R, which adds limited-slip differential, tires Avon ZZS-inspired competition, a flywheel lighter, suspension more sporty, the seats cut, the more radical and anti-roll bars. In addition, you can opt for a manual gearbox of relationships shorter than the transmission range. The weight is only 540 kg, a real feather-weight with a weight-to-power that is worthy of admire (3.55 kg/HP).

The first deliveries will begin in spring of 2017, but Caterham is already accepting orders for the 310 in the Uk. The base price is 24.995 pounds (29.500 euros), although it costs £ 3,000 less when purchased unassembled. The kit R supposed to 3.995 extra pounds (4.700 euros) and the optional transmission are £ 2,000 extra (2.350 euros). For those who already hold a Caterham 275, Caterham offers to turn it into a 310 by 1.495 lbs (1.760 euros).


Source: Caterham