Caterham Seven 310, the range is enriched with a new version

Caterham Seven 310R

The new Caterham Seven 310 is capable of reaching 203 km/h of maximum speed.

Looking for a new “toy” for Sunday? The truth is that in recent times we have seen the manufacturers of sports biplazas (or cars) have proliferated, or those that were already present in the market have expanded significantly their share of the market. What are fashionable? It is very possible. In any case, the offer of this type of models ideal to get you out a smile on a Sunday afternoon or a day at the circuit of your dreams is becoming more and more varied. The last to reach the market is the Caterham Seven 310.

The last member to land in the range of Caterham is situated as one of the options in the middle more interesting due to its combination of performance and user-friendliness (according to the manufacturer). Recalling the mythical R300, Caterham stresses that this is the Seven most balanced ever created to date. In addition to an improved engine to yield more power, the new Seven 310 comes loaded with other innovations.

And is that with the launch of the new Caterham Seven 310 will debut for the first time in the range of LED headlights. It will be the first time that Caterham offer this type of equipment (optional) in their models. And as we say, the first premiere will be the Seven 310 although later it was bid as an option across the model range.

Caterham Seven 310R - interior

this is the interior of the Caterham Seven 310 equipped with the package “R”.

Going to the (mechanical, as we said at the beginning of the article, the new Caterham Seven 310 comes with a host of improvements to surrender to a greater power. In their guts, this new model is powered by a source engine Ford 1.6-liter with 152 HP associated with a gearbox six-speed manual. With this mechanism, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 203 km/h.

The Caterham Seven 310 that we can see in the pictures is equipped with the package “R” Caterham. It is an optional package, the price of which is 3.995 pounds (4.711 euros) and that is oriented to provide a setting more focused on the circuits. It is always an interesting option if the destination that you want to give to this model is to take advantage of long days of “track day”.

¿When it will come to the market? The new Caterham Seven 310 is already on sale for a starting price of 24.995 pounds (29.477 euros). The first deliveries are planned for early next year. For owners of a Caterham Seven to 270 who want to upgrade to the 310 can do the same by buying the upgrade for 1.495 pounds (1.763 eur).