Caterham Seven Sprint: classical inspiration to celebrate 60 years of the Seven

When Colin Chapman designed the Lotus Seven in the 40’s of the last century, I am sure that I did not expect that well into the TWENTY-first Century, his philosophy would remain alive and kicking. Probably thought that we would be driving flying cars, or something like that. Fortunately, some of us still like to use the three pedals of the car, and we are more than happy to replace equipment for lightness and dynamics. To celebrate 60 years of the Seven, Caterham launches the precious Seven Sprint, of classical inspiration.

Even the roll cage has been painted the light green color of its body. Tradition first of all.

The Lotus Seven Sprint would have been revealed in the mid-60’s, but for some reason, did not see the light of day. Caterham picks up the witness decades later, with a limited edition of 60 units that has baptized with its original name. His aesthetic is overtly retro, with huge fenders, a calender, full of chrome and a discrete exhaust side, as bright as silver. His body pale green goes hand in hand with a few narrow rims made of sheet metal, painted in a cream color.

caterham-seven-sprint-4The optical front have been chrome, and in the rear, the pilots offer a aesthetic individual. Of course, can not miss the classic spare wheel. Sit in the interior of the car is like travelling back to the 60’s. The seats are upholstered in red leather, and our hands holding a three-spoke steering wheel with an outline of wood. The dashboard has been painted in red color, and the gear shift lever manual has an elegant knob made of aluminum. Perfectly it could pass for a vintage car.

The windscreen frame is aluminium and is included with the car a soft top of a dark color.

The Caterham Seven Sprint has been built on the basis of the Caterham Seven 165, the version of access to the range of the manufacturer English. That is to say, that as a propellant, uses a engine Suzuki 660-cc three-cylinder in-line. This turbo charged engine develops only 80 HP, but thanks to a weight of little more than 500 kilograms, accelerates up to 100 km/h in a correct 6,9 seconds. We will only sell in the Uk and european markets selected, at a price that starts at 27.995£.

caterham-seven-sprint-7With the depreciation of the pound after the Brexit, it can be a great buy.

Source: Carscoops