Caterham Seven Sprints, a tribute for the sixty anniversary of the model

Caterham Seven SprintCaterham has wanted to pay a tribute to his model Seven for his sixty birthday, and to this end has created this Caterham Seven Sprints. The unmistakable image of the model meets no less than six decades; but it’s still there, giving war and being one of the cars of a circuit suitable for your enjoyment also by road, the more fun of the moment, and all this without losing an iota of sportiness.

The tribute could not be a special edition any, so that the company has decided to rescue a project of the 60’s that never came to occur and to play such which were the plans of the time. This is the car that we see in the images, that offers a design that transports us back many decades, both for its exterior as for its interior.

Caterham Seven Sprint six colors for the body (Cream, Mellow Yellow, Regency Red, Camberwick Green, British Racing Green and Misty Blue) are the tones that we will see this playful Caterham as if it were a vintage vehicle; even more so when we look at the wheels painted in colour cream with hubcap chrome-plated.

With the little interior of this car have done something similar. The steering wheel has a thickness very thin at the same time that a large diameter that has been wood finish, while the three spokes are metal. All the upholstery of the doors, dashboard, seats and bellows of the shift lever has been placed in an elegant red, while it also incorporates a few traditional clocks are independent as a box of instruments.

The engine that spur these sixty units of the Caterham Seven Sprints is a three-cylinder 660 cc source Suzuki. Develops 81 horses, which allows to perform the 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds. Its starting price is almost 28,000 pounds, that change come to be near 33.000 euros and yes, will be sold in Europe and not only in the Uk.

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