Caught a BMW to 232 km/h for the A-6, as the driver was late to class

Cazado a 232 km/hfew weeks Ago we heard one of the news more surprising that road safety is concerned. They had chased a driver to 297 km/h, the highest speed that a radar had been registered in our country. For take more iron to the subject, the same was circulated without a driving licence and had a disability that limited to travel at least 100 km/h. Well, today I bring you another “caught” something more light but equally amazing. And is that have hunted a BMW to 232 km/h. The excuse they put the driver has no waste.

The facts occurred at 21.40 hours on 3 may in the A-6. A driver was traveling in his BMW to 232 km/h when it was detected by a radar of the group of Traffic of the Civil Guard. The officials could not notify the facts at that time, and were preparing to carry out the work relevant to their location and subsequent notification of the complaint. And is faced with a crime against road safety.

Porsche 911

In a Porsche 911 traveling the driver that was hunted to 297 km/h

What is funny about this event is that just four hours after it was intercepted again, this time to 170 km/h, on the same road, although in a sense, A Coruña, specifically in the kilometer 504,4. This time if it was stopped and you are notified at the time this complaint as he had just commit a few hours before. But here not just everything. When I asked the agents why he was traveling at that speed, the driver answered that it was late to class.

The driver is facing the withdrawal of the driving licence for a period of time ranging between one and four years. In the same way the crime committed entails works for the benefit of the community of 31 to 90 days or a penalty of fine of six to twelve months

Source – 20 minutes