Caught the Mercedes C63 AMG Cabrio 2016 with your body definitive


The Mercedes C63 AMG Cabrio hides under the camouflage

These are the first spy photos of the new Mercedes C63 AMG Cabrio that have been taken while conducting tests in the south of Europe. The C63 Cabrio is the latest model from the family of the C-Class that has yet to be presented, All other variants of the C-Class AMG equipped with the powerful V8 engine AMG in two power levels: 476 and 510 HP.

As you can see in these spy photos, the Cabrio equipped with the same front bumper and wheel arches of the Mercedes C C63 Coupe. Judging by the photos, the prototype looks quite well-developed, riding his body to the final, including brakes, tires and exhaust pipes.

According to our calendar of new models, the Mercedes C63 AMG Cabrio will be launched in the first half of 2016 and it will be a tough rival for the BMW M4 Cabrio and the Audi RS5 Cabrio.


the prototype of The C 63 AMG Cabrio already mounted the body definitive