Caught the mule chassis of the Audi A7 2017

despite the ups and downs that are shaking the Volkswagen Group for its failures in TDI engines EA 189, Audi continues unchanging the development of their future units. The Audi A7 2017 will be one of them, and on this occasion what we see fine-tuning the chassis on which it will be built.


Still have not included the new bodywork of the Audi A7

As already stated above, the next A7 will be very different from the current one. Not what we say only for its design, will hold the line coupe and its livability for four passengers, but also what we say, for the whole basis on which it will be projected. Many changes are coming body inside.

The chassis will be one of the most renewed. Currently the Audi A7 uses a body elongated in the Audi A6, but for the next generation the vehicle will have a chassis shared with the A8, the MQB platform Evo. This will be able to provide new levels of dynamism thanks to a weight-lightened, and to the possibility of incorporating more technology.

a little over a month we give you exclusive first details of the Audi A7 2017. Among its many new features worth noting the presence of engines of four and six-cylinder turbocharged, electric. A new bet of Audi first materialize in other units but that we will also see in the great saloon.

of course, the new technology will be extendable to the cockpit, where we will begin to see last generation systems that are not currently available in the A7, such as attending to the driving, computers, cameras, digital combined instrument, and a host of new features that soon is to determine.


do Not expect big changes in the dimensions of the A7

the arrival of The new Audi A7 will not be reality until the end of next year or early 2017. In both cases it is a lot of development ahead. Many will be the novelties that are included, and takes time to tune a luxury sedan which is expected to both. Soon we will know more about it.