Caught the Peugeot 3008 test in Mexico what starts the expansion of PSA?

Peugeot 3008 GT Line

Mexico is one of the countries that many people should discover. Its people, conflicts and culture are a wonder of humanity. In addition to all this, car makes also know that they are a market that is in expansion, and hence many want to establish themselves to convince the mexican customers that their products are the best.

French Peugeot (Citroen not sold there) has had several years of selling its cars in the country aztec, however the success seems to be that he has not accompanied a lot. When I was in the country, several times I became interested in knowing their range and prices, and when I was aware of both, I realized where it could be the fault.

Mexico is very close to the united States (perhaps more than we now would like to) and their tastes are very much influenced by this country. The range of models of Peugeot in Mexico was based only on models of court urban, compact and sedans average. However, the client type, there looking for cars rather large, with powerful engines and a price obtained for all of these conditions.

Peugeot 3008 2016

Evidently as the models were not of the size that they are looking for and the price is higher than they want to pay, because the sales are low. However, in the leadership of the Group PSA have decided that will attack the mexican market with its new SUV model and the first to have been sent is the new 3008.

The boys of Auto Pan, have been published spy photos (provided thanks to a reader) of the Peugeot 3008 while the engineers did several test validation. The photographed unit was a diesel mechanic and that was the ground that betrayed him in the eyes of this reader. The reason is that in this country no superior force to the vehicles powered by diesel, and to be a model novel and fill this type of fuel made that discovery.

That this model will come to Mexico you can be the prelude to something greater. The Group PSA just buy Opel and the French need to be as water may open markets beyond in which do not are present. In addition, now that the SUV 5008 also going to get to the market, there would be two models of medium size with which to convince the demanding mexican customers.

This strategy of launching the SUV Peugeot in Mexico does not seem to us descabellad, since it would allow them the opportunity to launch new models for the future. However we do not block at all is that they decide to do it with a mechanical diesel after what has happened with Volkswagen and that Mexico is not a country prone to this type of fuel.

‘ll Have to see what happens when Peugeot decided to release it in final form in the aztec country.

Source – Drive Pan American

Peugeot 3008
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