Ceased production of the McLaren P1

The 375 units of the McLaren P1 have been sold in its entirety just days after its release, but after two years in production, McLaren announced the cessation of its manufacture in a formal manner.

McLaren-P1-Ultima-Unidad-375-01Andl copy number 375 the McLaren P1 came out a few days ago to the factory, marking at the same time the end of the production of the super sports car of british origin.

hypercar hybrid uses a V8 biturbo engine of 3.8 liters in the front, that works in conjunction with an electric motor, producing a combined power of 916 horsepower. This mechanical assembly allows you to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, the 0-200 Km/h in 6,8 seconds and reach a maximum speed has been limited to 350 km in the hour.

McLaren ended the production of P1 and photographed together for the first and the last unit.

The last unit produced, came out with his body painted in colour orange pearl, with details in carbon fiber exposed, such as the splitter front and the diffuser and the alloy wheels in silver colour.

In its interior the buyer chose the seats of carbon fiber are coated with a upholstery in Alcantara black and orange, in addition to some details in color gloss black on the centre console, the air vents and the instrumental.

Each of the 375 units were manufactured to the extent of its owner, which at the same time ensured that there were no two units are completely alike. The last P1 to come out of the factory was photographed next to the first exemplary produced, a unit with his body painted in a silvery color called Ice Silver.

in Addition to the 375 units produced in series, McLaren built 21 additional units that were subjected to the evidence of developing. These units traveled more than 600,000 miles in all kinds of terrain and climates. It is unknown what will be the fate of those 21 individuals.