Ceases production of the SEAT Altea, and 14,800 euros you can take it home

After 12 years on the market, on SEAT Altea and its twin – the Altea XL – no longer officially occur . After the holiday break, started again tomorrow in Martorell machines, and do so without the Altea (EuropaPress). The range of SEAT is now comprised of the Mii, Ibiza, Leon, Toledo and Alhambra. In production ceases in general converge several factors: the age of the model, the strength of the crossover and the cost of adapting their mechanical Euro6 regulations. However, it may be the best time to purchase Altea.

Why the end of the life of a model is a good time to buy a unit? If you do not mind that your car is not at the cutting edge, thinks that all the faults have been corrected model and you take home with a discount of several thousand euros , again like any other car market. SEAT launched the Altea and Altea XL Last Edition a few months ago, very well equipped at a price that starts at just 14,800 euros. My partner Enrique told us all the details earlier this year.

altea-last-edition The SEAT not disappear suddenly Altea dealers. But soon will the web of SEAT shall cease to see promotional campaigns and will only be seen at some dealerships. If cost is a key factor in buying a minivan, is a good time to negotiate a knockdown price from the dealer . The last units in stock could be sold at a price significantly lower than the 14,800 euros mentioned above. There is a crossover, but it remains a practical and very comfortable car.

A SEAT Altea from 14,800 euros

The SEAT Altea starts at 14,800 euros and Altea XL at 15,800 euros. They are only available with engine 1.6 TDI 105 hp associated with a manual gearbox, with an average consumption of 4.5 l / 100 km. It is the engine performance based, but easily meets the requirements for a family car. They come equipped with a considerable equipment with Family and I-Tech pack: this means that feature standard with parking sensors, light and rain, climate control or infotainment system with touchscreen


altea-interior A single engine for a car that enjoyed a huge variety of engines – came to be a FR engine version 2.0 TSI 210 CV – and that have been manufactured to date nearly 500,000 units . A cousin of the Volkswagen Touran which had nothing to envy in practicality, ease of use and versatility. At the moment only sold well to fleet companies and official fleets – such as police – thanks to its low cost and national origin. We have no more to say. Until forever, Altea

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