Celebrating 40 years of the Lotus Esprit buying this unit, a car of the press of the early 90

In 2016, the legend of the Lotus Esprit celebrates 40 years and what better way to celebrate than by making one? If you are a regular at the ads of second hand page british you will know that the offer of the Lotus Esprit is not excessively reduced, then, what is special about this unit that now occupies us?

This generation had an output of 264 horsepower

no, it is Not your reduced mileage what is special about this Lotus Esprit, has not belonged to someone famous, or been victorious in some kind of competition: it was a unit press that Lotus gave way to the journals of the early 90’s, so if you’re looking for among the publications then it will be easy to encontrártelo on the cover.

Has a few 95.000 km, looks like a combination is quite classical, with the bodywork in red and inside in beige leather and has the peculiarity added to be a “High Wing”, one of the 64 units produced with that huge back spoiler. He started producing in 1992 after the production of the Lotus Elan.

This unit, this Lotus Esprit High Wing, will go on sale in mid-June and is estimated to be price to be between 22,000 and 26,000 pounds, from 29,000 to 34.200 euro approximately.