Cepsa Pay: pay your refueling of fuel from the mobile phone is already a reality

For those who do not understand what it is to ask a taxi without a mobile phone, or buy a gadget otherwise than receiving it in a cardboard box on the front door, the birth of applications Cepsa Pay is at least an interesting story and a technology worth trying. Cepsa launches an application that can refuel and pay without departing from our car without checking out. An application that promises speed, and simplicity when it comes to fill the tank of our car. Is it as interesting as it sounds? Will it make us forget once and for all checkout?

Pay Cepsa offers a new way to refuel the obligation to pay with mobile, bypassing the counter, and a payment terminal.

The arrival of Cepsa Pay is interesting for many reasons and we have an event to celebrate, while attempts to innovate in a sector which generally does not give too many facilities and which, by its nature, has not changed much in recent years. Eg mechanics of a refueling has been the same for many years , refuel and checkout to pay, except that over time has proliferated the presence of suppliers in which the driver himself is in charge of refueling.

obviously the fact of not having to checkout and reduce the entire payment process to open an application and click, saves time , and waiting in queues unnecessary, especially if we have to refuel at peak times or in a previous operation output vacation. Precisely, talking about holidays, one of the big advantages will be to not leave children unattended in the car, or that passengers wait with the air conditioning off.


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Its operation is based on account type purse. The user charging money in your account and uses it to pay your refueling.

Cepsa Pay How it works? Its operation is based on a downloadable application, available for iPhone and Android phones with a single payment system. Pay Cepsa has not resorted to a traditional payment gateway that charges us what we consume, but purse type system , which requires a certain amount reload before refueling. Ultimately, the problem involved is less, while recharging we make the go consuming fuel. But it certainly is not as comfortable as a payment on the fly, we only charge our card in the amounts we have to pay in the service station and in the specific time of refueling. To our questions, we Cepsa acknowledged that this payment method is more a technical issue, that the financial benefit that your customers may have been deposited certain amounts in its application. Something on the other hand logical and reasonable.

Cepsa Pay also stands as one interesting alternative for professionals, freelancers and companies , since it is able to store, sort and classify invoices in a file, without the need to have hard copies. But it is also true that there are already so interesting how are you alternatives, such as specific cards for freelancers and companies, in addition to unifying the billing usually include discounts. Cepsa factor that suits Pay freelancers and companies, therefore, would not have enough weight to encourage these to use, but it is important to not be exclusive, and cover their needs.

Cepsa is not the only company working on these applications, which will grow in the coming years and will cover new business models beyond refueling.

There are alternatives like? Yes.

In Spain there are projects, such as Heyplease (which incidentally company has received investment of Civet Investment SA, in turn owned by motor) already allow payments in bars and restaurants by the application itself. As we have informed from Heyplease, they are already working to extend its payment services to other businesses, including gas stations. For this they have already prepared an application, called GasPay (Pitsapp.com), which will make the payment from the mobile phone itself. An application that is currently available for Android and will soon be extended to iOS-based terminals.

Source: Cepsa Pay
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