Cepsa XTAR, discover the new range of lubricants

Cepsa Xtar F1Cepsa, as almost any company engaged in petroleum derivatives, not only sells fuel. In the market you can find a wide range of lubricants or engine oils for passenger cars Cepsa. To the traditional ranges Cepsa Platinum, Genuine and oils Ertoil them adds a new member, the oils Cepsa XTAR.

The oil in gross, as such, is worth nothing and their lubrication and durability are scarce. Here come into play the additives, that make the difference between bad oil and a good one. That work in R & D is not usually seen, but is the main reason of being of the new oils Cepsa XTAR, 100% synthetic and optimized for various vehicles gasoline, diesel, and hybrids in your distinct offer.

Range of lubricants XTAR Cepsa: Types and differences

Cepsa XtarWithin the same range of lubricants XTAR Cepsa, not all are created equal or have been developed for all applications. Each one of the products in the range XTAR meets the most recent regulations of the ACEA, the european association of car manufacturers, in addition to be governed also by the regulations of some of the biggest brands in the sector, such as Volkswagen or Daimler, which usually use approvals and levels of quality themselves. Differentiate the range of products XTAR Cepsa is easy, thanks to the fact that their names are quite descriptive.

What is common to the oils Cepsa XTAR is always try to to guarantee the maximum lubrication, capacity detergent thanks to the additives that keep the engine clean on the inside and its compatibility with the latest systems anti-pollution. Reduce the internal frictions of the engine to the same that remains the best lubrication is another of the objectives of these lubricants, which also contributes to the reduction of the fuel consumption of the engine to generate less friction forces are internal.


Compliant with the standards ACEA A1/B1 for those engines that require a oil of lower viscosity and lower friction. Is required by the diesel and petrol engines most modern Volvo, with the approval Volvo VCC RBS0-2AE. Its low content in phosphorus and sulphated ash assists in the functioning of the cataliadores three-way and contributes to the reduction of emissions of NOx, HC and CO.


In the oils 5W30 is where more variety you will find. The XTAR 5W30 C1 DPF has a low ash content (low SAPS) and stands out by providing both a low viscosity at high temperatures as well as resistance to shear or loss of viscosity. As its name indicates, is in compliance with ACEA C1. It is specifically designed for Ford motor requirement 934-B, as well as for the approval JALOS DL-1, Mitsubishi or Mazda. Reading DPF indicates that they are lubricants suitable for vehicles with diesel engines with particulate filters.


Xtar 5W30 C2 DPFWith an average content of ash (mid SAPS) and a certification ACEA C2, this lubricant reduces the internal frictions of the engine and is especially designed for engines of Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, or the brands of the PSA Group and Renault Group.


For those engines that require lubricant type ACEA C3-technology Mid-SAPS, Cepsa sells the XTAR 5W30 C3 D2 DPF, an oil of type long-life allows to extend the service intervals. It is equivalent to any other lubricant MB-Approval 229.51 and BMW Long Life-04. The ACEA C3 oils are that they maintain very well the viscosity at high temperatures, providing optimum lubrication in demanding conditions.


Also intended for vehicles with long service intervals, but with qualification ACEA C4 and low ash content. It is a lubricant especially suitable for the latest engines of Renault, also used in some models of Mercedes or Inifiniti. Meets the-approval RN 0720 Renault as well as the MB-Approval 229.51 and MB-Approval 226.51 Mercedes.

XTAR 5W30 504 507

This is probably one of the oils 5W30 long life most polyvalent of the range XTAR. The name refers to the specifications 504.00/507.00 of the Volkswagen Group, although it also conforms to the standards of other manufacturers of prestige, as the MB-Approval 229.51, BMW Long Life-04, and Porsche C30. It is suitable for any engine with a DPF and requires lubricant ACEA C3.

XTAR 5W40 505.01

Xtar 5W40 505.01Being an oil 5w40, that offers more protection in intense use due to their higher viscosity in hot, this lubricant meets with the approval VW 505.01 of the Volkswagen Group as its own name indicates. It is a ACEA C3 average content of ash is ideal for TDI engines injector pump with a particle filter. Also meet approvals such as MB-Approval 229.31, BMW Long Life-04 & Porsche A40 at the same time meets the requirements of brands such as Opel, Ford, Renault and Fiat.

XTAR 5W20 Hybrid

From its name we can deduce that is an ideal oil for engines of gasoline-hybrid. It offers a low viscosity that makes the internal frictions of the engine are lower, impacting positively on the consumption of fuel. Cepsa does not recommend the XTAR 5W30 for diesel engines with particulate filter.


With the same approach as the previous one, has the approval Ford WSSM2C-948-B that require the popular engines 1.0 EcoBoost. This lubricant yes, it is valid for diesel engines requiring oil to ACEA A1/B1.

XTAR 10W40 Synthetic

With a high ash content and qualification ACEA A3/B4, this oil is the least sophisticated of the range XTAR. Is intended for older vehicles that do not require oils as technologically advanced. Meets regulations MB-Approval 229.1 and VW 502.00 / 505.00.