CES 2016: Volkswagen e-Golf Touch, where your voice and your gestures are orders


Next to the futuristic electric van Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept, the German manufacturer has presented other developments for the future in the CES 2016 Las Vegas, focused on innovation and technology. The Volkswagen e-Golf Touch Concept is very close to reality, and in fact anticipates a very faithful to the new multimedia systems that will be incorporated into the models of the brand.

on the outside you will not see changes to the production model, since the VW e-Golf Touch seeks to strengthen ties, more than ever, between the automotive world and the world of the smartphones. And it does this thanks to an innovative gesture control within this Modular Infotainment Toolkit (MIB) evolved, which has a large screen of 9.2 inches and HD resolution located in the center console.


The interface operation of this new system premiered in the e-Golf Touch is more simple, with a series of icons and windows are arranged on screen in a way similar to that of mobile phones. These can be sorted according to the preferences of the driver, and, of course, allow for touch handling: there are hardly any five physical buttons on the left side of the screen (Menu, Home, Car and App), including a rotary knob.

But these are not, nor much less, the main new features that you want to show Volkswagen in this prototype. Especially noteworthy are the voice control, greatly improved, along with the new control gesture, so that it will not be necessary or even touching the screen for certain functions: simply by moving the hand in a direction on the screen, you can switch the song or to regulate the air-conditioning system, for example.

This gestural control was shown in the Volkswagen Golf R Touch of the past CES 2015, but now takes a step further, in a state close to the production. In the next few months this new multimedia system will be present in models of Volkswagen as the new VW Golf 2016, with the ‘restyling’ included, either as optional equipment or standard on certain finishes. And also incorporate the new digital instrumentation variable in TFT display, already well-known for the Volkswagen Passat.

This prototype of the Volkswagen Golf also allows you to wireless charging of mobile devices at the centre tunnel, through induction and without the need of cables: supports your mobile phone in the restricted area and, if this is compatible, and will recharge its battery automatically. Will also be present a USB connection Type C, another standard is essential for the immediate future.

And pr course, the system is completely compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a novelty which premiered recently in several models of Volkswagen. In this prototype you will also see notifications on your mobile phone to the center screen -and if you’re driving you can listen to them, keeping the safety in the driving-in addition to responding directly to you through the voice control.