CES 2017: FCA will introduce a new system of info-entertainment Android-based

Fiat 500L Uconnect

System of info-entertainment Uconnect in the Fiat 500L.

from 5 to 8 January will take place in the city of Las Vegas (united States) CES 2017. The most important technological event of the year and that, increasingly, attracts the attention of a greater number of car manufacturers already use this “showcase” to show the world its technological advances. FCA Automobiles will be present in this edition and will present an interesting novelty.

In particular, FCA will unveil a new infotainment system based on Android 7.0 Nougat. Today Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is working with Google to develop the next generation of its system of info-entertainment, and what we will see in this Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be a preview of the options and possibilities that we offer.

To make the demonstration, FCA can show you this new system of info-entertainment Android-based in a Chrysler 300. The device to use this system will be a touch screen of 8.4 inches. And although there are not many details about the group automobile stresses that seek to offer the same “feelings” than with your current system of info-entertainment Uconnect.

Fiat Tipo 5 Puertas - Uconnect Nav

Screen with the browser 3D of the Uconnect system in the new Fiat Type 5 Doors.

In this demo of the system on which it is working to FCA we will show that, in addition to control elements such as the radio or the climate control, we may also access services as diverse as Google Maps, Pandora, Spotify or NPR One, among others.

Chris Barman, a senior official of the FCA, said that this collaboration represents an opportunity very beneficial for both parties as they will be able to continue to evolve their system of information and entertainment to offer an experience more innovative, with a greater degree of connectivity and to meet the demand of their customers. All of this with a system that reduces the likelihood of driver distraction when using it.

level of collaboration of FCA with Google goes far beyond that the simple fact to collaboratively design a system of info-entertainment to the cars of the group. And is that as well we have posted on more than one occasion, are also working in the field of the autonomous vehicle. One of the first fruits of this collaboration is the creation of Google Waymo, a prototype of an autonomous vehicle created from a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.