CES 2017: news from The big brands for the coming week


Volkswagen I. D. concept.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2017 boots next week in Las Vegas, and although we have not stopped to mention that in the last few months thanks to the misfortunes and problems Faraday’s Future, what is certain is that in this new edition, the car will continue to be protagonist of an event, which a priori, is not related to the motor world.

The main automobile brands will be presenting their recent developments in the area of infotainment, but in addition, we will see the reflection of what is already desvelaba in the last edition of the Paris Salon, the massive electrification of the ranges of some manufacturers.

Volkswagen has already confirmed that it will present in Detroit a new electric model. A concept that puts forward a new model of production of its new range of zero emissions and that will complement the I. D. Concept presented in Paris 2016. This last will be the prototype that the brand will bring to Las Vegas, but these will not be all the new features.


The I. D. concept will be in Las Vegas.

The intentions of Volkswagen passed for file their latest developments in the field of connectivity and control systems. Remember, it was at CES, where Audi presented for the first time if new Virtual Cockpit, with a prototype of a passenger compartment of the then not presented Audi TT, the first model that featured this digital system to the dashboard.

Volkswagen will bring to Las Vegas their new advances in systems control and connectivity, which will apply to the future ranges of the German group, focused on the interaction of the smartphone with the vehicle’s systems. By the time the brand has not revealed the details, so we can expect surprises in that section.

Mercedes will be another of the protagonists of the CES 2017, with the presentation in the united States of the EQ Concept, prototype also shown in Paris 2016 she is spearheading the new range of electric of the German manufacturer.


Renders of the booth of Mercedes at CES 2017.

The prototype EQ will be one of the important pieces of the stand of the German mark in Las Vegas, which will have 600 square feet. Where the brand is going to present its new technological developments, focusing on the so-called strategy CASE, that unites the efforts of the mark in the progress of networks and connectivity, driving systems autonomous, and electrical systems.

The japanese giant Toyota will take advantage of this event to reveal a new concept specially created for this occasion. The brand has disclosed no detail whatsoever, but it has confirmed that it has been developed by the design studio of the brand Calty, California. These were responsible for the Toyota FT-1, ultimately, the advancement of the Above.

in addition to these, several of the main groups of automobile they have confirmed their presence at the show in Las Vegas. Ford, Honda, Tesla and KIA among others, but unfortunately, the dish is strong and where it will be pointing all the light bulbs will be the much-vaunted presentation of Faraday’s Future, of which we have already spoken at length.