Cessation of sales of the Seat Ateca 2.0 TDI 4×2: we know the truth

SEAT Atecajust a few days Ago, specifically on September 13, os we reported that Seat temporarily suspends the sale of the version 2.0 TDI 150 hp and front wheel drive. In the Present Engine, we will tell you the possible causes of this suspension as “temporary” which announced, somewhat strange, the Spanish brand, from social networks and without official press release even.

In a first Seat, told us that the Ateca, in this version 2.0 TDI 150 hp with front-wheel drive, should stop their dealings by the excessive demand. It is possible that, in the case of a strong demand for a vehicle, superior to the estimates of the brand, the deliveries are delayed. Up to here everything normal. But something remains a bit strange. The block 2.0 TDI is one of the most sold, if not the most, in the Volkswagen Group. what have been left without engines? It would be very unlikely. why not lease engines from one model to another?…

Our fellow KM77 have spoken with the Director of brand Communication, Fernando Salvador. As he says this means, during a phone call, the Director of Communication for them claimed that the reason was: “at the end of our long-term tests, the version of TDI of 150 HP front-wheel-drive of the SEAT Ateca was not giving the benefits that we want for our customers and for that reason we have decided not to sell it”.

SEAT Ateca vista traseraA strange contradiction, don’t you think? First is by excessive demand and then the reason is a alleged lack of benefits. In addition, the long-term tests and the performance analysis is carried out between one and two years before the model hits the market. Suspicions on the rise…

The case is that, in a second call, our companion question to the Director of Communication if that version has already passed the approval processes. Your answer is not.

What does this mean? Seat has released a product that, in this version, has not yet been approved. To make matters worse, the trade mark has not been (nothing) clear to specify the causes of why they have removed the Seat Ateca 2.0 TDI 150 cv 4×2 on the market. Just announced that customers who have ordered that version would be offset with a variant higher (as already announced in this other article), keeping the same price.

Maybe the above is a slight problem. The big problem comes because of that this version was probably developed before they uncovered the scandal of the emissions, now just a year, known by all as the #dieselgate. Where we want to reach is that it is possible that the version is not able to comply with the regulations Euro6.

SEAT Ateca interior salpicaderoWe have approached a dealer official of the Spanish brand, to care for the version in particular, but without saying who we were. Quickly have told us that it was not possible to acquire and that they did not know when he would be in marketing, stating that the high demand of that version had exceeded their expectations. We have trying to ferreting if they had already delivered one unit of the version in particular, and what we have achieved:

– “But no longer what you sell? If you have delivered some, isn’t it?

– Yes, yes; but there are no units because they have been sold and have had to stop marketing for the time being. If you are interested specifically in that version you’ll have to wait, but we cannot tell you how much time.”

therefore, and according to the business of that dealer, the Seat Ateca not approved has been delivered to several customers. What happens if the Seat has sold this car without standardization and is not able to comply with the regulations? It is still too soon to know, but we don’t be surprised if they Seat be forced to replace that car to the customer by another that complies with the regulations.

Will be very much about this topic but I assure you that can cause a stir at the european level.

Source – KM77