Čezeta returns 20 years later with the 506 power


Čezeta Type 506

Without a doubt, retro is in fashion, and if in the world of the four wheels has worked so of the reissues, why not going to work with two wheels? Not only of the Vespa lives on nostalgia, from the Czech Republic comes another proposal, the reissue of the mythical Čezeta with electric motor.

Were in the late 50’s, when the former Czechoslovakia was subjugated to the Soviet Union, was a country on the other side of the iron curtain. Within the particularities of the planned economy there was a manufacturer of motorcycles, Česká Zbrojovka Strakonice (ČZ), also known by the manufacture of armaments.

This company is dedicated to the production of motorcycles since 1935, before the annexation by the third Reich, until 1997, when the Czech Republic was already a european country as of right, although until 2004 did not enter the EU. For 20 years Čezeta has been forgotten, but this year it will shine. A group of entrepreneurs recovered the license and rights of use to re-produce a modern version of the 501 and 502.


A look at its past

In 1957 appears on the market the Čezeta 501, with a single cylinder engine of two-stroke and 175 cubic centimeters. With a design very similar to the Italian Lambretta, the fuel tank is placed on the front wheel, a prolongation aberrant fender fixed, with lighthouse-style cyclops.

This peculiar configuration was no more dangerous than any other motorcycle, despite what it may seem. Another of its advantages is the resulting space under the seat, suitable for two passengers, and the natural position for the driver. If I had to place luggage, you could tie them in a grid in front of the fairing.

The production of the 501 lasted until 1960, when it is replaced by Čezeta 502, which basically differ by the placement of the horn, and versions that could have starter motor. The production of the 502 lasted another three years. 50 years after he began the development of the 506, which recovers the aesthetics of the 501/502, but are adapted to the new times.


The father of the creature, Neil Eamonn Smith

Čezeta 506 electric

The new version dispenses with the internal combustion engine and of the complications of complying with the standards Euro 4, which is already in force for the two wheels. The production will start this year, with an initial run of 600 units that will be called special series Constructor.

will Have two versions, 506/01 and 506/02

is driven by an electric motor able to ride above 100 km/h in the case of the 506/02, something that the original versions were not able to get, and that marry with what is expected of a scooter of 125 cc current. In fact, an acceleration of 0 to 50 km/h in 2,7 seconds is very interesting for the traffic modern. The 506/01 is more modest, it reaches 85 km/h and accelerates to 50 km/h in 4.3 seconds.

instead of a fuel tank has a battery with a capacity of 4 to 6 kWh, according to the model, which can be recharged in a normal socket and stream in two to three hours. Autonomy announced by the manufacturer is between 100 and 150 km, although it is possible to reach 100 more with a kind of trailer that will be released later. Load at a rate of 42 miles per hour plugged in.


These first 600 units will give way to a production more extensive, with a price exceeds 7,000 euros. Is manufactured by hand, so it is not a bike for high-volume production. The warranty is, at the very least, hopeful, for two to five years, and 40,000 to 100,000 kilometres, before it occurs.

The design respects everything possible to the ancestral czechoslovak, including the simplicity. In the implementation only sees the load of the battery, mileage and speed. Simplicity also applies to the driving, there are no gears, you just have to worry about accelerating and braking. Has regenerative braking to go a bit farther and tire less to the braking system.

You can choose from three driving modes, that give you to choose between a better autonomy and a power delivery that is more alive. We will notice also that it is a bike more modern by two USB connectors, cortacorriente in the event of an accident, the possibility of having hands-free phone by Bluetooth, LED light, etc

Interestingly, the Website is also translated to Spanish, if you are interested in.