Changhe Auto is planning more SUV to jump to the international market

Changhe Q25

Talk about the sector of the chinese automotive is the least complicated. In this country there are more than a hundred brands of cars and each one goes a different path. However, all seem to have a common goal, which is nothing more than to land in the european and american markets. In this case one of the brands most unknown is Changhe Auto but now you want to quit to be a brand in the shade of the biggest to be a brand by itself.

In this case the firm has been under the orders of several manufacturers. The first has been to Suzuki, with which it continues to work for the manufacturing of small vehicles and industrial. The second manufacturer with which they are working is BAIC and under your help and collaboration technology want to launch to the market several SUV for, with them, to be able to land with guarantees of success in the major markets of Europe and the united States.

Changhe Q35

The first model that it would issue would be to an SUV in size medium large with a wheelbase of 2.80 meters based on the same platform of the Beijing Auto Senova X65. Its internal code of the development is the F14S and as reported will be driven by two mechanical gasoline, with 1.8-liter displacement. The power of both of these mechanics is unknown, but we do know that one will be turboalimentada and the other of kw.

The second SUV that will launch the market will be smaller as described above, and will have a wheelbase of about 2.551 meters and will be based on the platform modified of the Beijing Senova X25. Its internal code of the development is the F4B and like his older brother will also be – driven mechanical gasoline. In this case the motorization chosen account with 1.4-liter displacement and kw, but we do not know its end power.

Both models should be presented throughout this year and offered for sale at the beginning of the next. Will have to see what they offer with respect to the competition because they have to have a finished interior to a high level, a mechanical to the height of the circumstances and technological equipment and security at the height of the best if they want to succeed. Ah that’s if, and a price that will not make us remember that we are buying chinese.

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Source – Changhe Auto