Charisma and avant-garde: a new Audi R8 which is well worth a congratulations

Mid-morning, the browser of our Nissan GT-R warns us that there’s little left to get to Ronda, to get to Ascari. We have stayed with Pepe in little more than 20 minutes, we stopped to take a picture before a meeting… and soon a great black silhouette crosses the junction in which we find ourselves. Is Pepe with the new Audi R8, we’re already just a few minutes of the circuit…

To the good qualities of its interior, a design, both exterior and interior that exudes avant-garde is now added a temperament more mature, with more character and personality. Remains the supercar round it was, but now it’s more fun and charismatic.

I am still very recent and my impressions of the previous generation Audi R8. It has been a sport that I have been able to drive enough (damn, I’ve even slept in it), with which I have filmed in circuit, with the V8, with the V10, cabrio or coupe, with which I traveled to Granada, with which protagonicé a pleasant experience for the Portuguese capital. The R8, of Portugal, Lisbon, Cascais and breakfast in Praia do Guincho, it was the LMX, a version that appeared as the swan song of the last generation, more powerful, with a good set up but on the other hand, left in evidence the need of a renovation… a renewal that I did not expect that I was going to surprise you so pleasantly.

if you don’t you remember what I told you then… “Audi R8: we roadtrip to Lisbon!“.

Of the strokes rounded original a bearing that exudes more bad milk, nerves straight more marked, to look more aggressive. This mat tone suits her perfectly, it fits great with these new features more defined.

Pepe warns me quickly of the good change that has made Audi the exhaust system of this R8, a necessary change. I open, I feel and my a dashboard that turns into a true avant-garde in the sector that we already anticipated the Audi TT.

a Few nice controls for the air conditioning, the fact is without the “classic” screen on the central console, the gear lever worthy of a space ship and a steering wheel that reinterprets, under a design language very German, the concept of the manettino Ferrari with a series of pushbuttons satellites that make the wheel of this R8 a piece of industrial art. Sobran implement the good finishes and settings, and with respect to its fully digital instrumentation only can I position to please, even more if we take into account that, thanks to this fact, you can offer a dashboard with a design much more horizontal, much more attractive.

audir8vsnissangtr7mdmHis countenance, in general, without focusing only on cabin, know cutting edge, technology and I recognize that what I have seen so far of this new R8 I like it. I have the feeling that this supercar since it is not the supercar of those who were afraid to have a supercar, because it is not so much that option-balanced and I’m glad, I’m so glad because the change has really been better, has gained personality, it is even more desirable, seems to want to tell us that he has matured, that it is less docile, than have more bad milk, is less complex and is more than willing to sit at the table with the best in the segment, with the biggest.

The Audi R8 is no longer the supercar for people who had reservations about having a supercar, or better said, what remains, but also is now a perfect choice for the petrolhead with possible, an alternative is now even more real to the Ferrari 488 GTB, the McLaren 650S

A V10, a V10 atmospheric to our back. 610 horses. Ferrari has gone to the turbo, Mercedes no longer has blocks of kw and, hell, even the 911 “normal” are now turbo. Who was going to say that Audi was going to be one of the last bastions for those who love mechanical simplicity, the real thing, of a block in the atmosphere. Thank you.

it Seems that someone at Audi put it on their iPod for the Walk on the Wild Side at some point in the development of this new generation, between sketches, including lists of ideas, of reasons, of recordings with the sound of the F-Type…

Chu, churú, churú chu churú ru…

Character to the German.

Turn the manettino, its instrumentation, dance. I speed up, the rev counter is the one who now dances to a fast rhythm that stretches, elongates, stretches to well up offering us at all times few, winning in the sound, watching the trees pass by more quickly than ever.

opinion_audi_r8_2016_mdm_2The rate increases exponentially according to the speedometer, with a calm atmosphere, according to what he transmits to us his isolated cabin. Feel more information from the address, although it would be ideal a little more, with a good weight and especially a excellent feel of the suspension, poised and comfortable in equal parts, effective. carbocerámicos react luxury.

Gro, gro, gro, gro gro…
every time I release the accelerator. What a delight.

Evolution, evolution and more evolution. This new Audi R8 comes as the perfect and necessary evolution of the R8 LMX (what a good part cycle had…) that, following the path of being a supercar for every day, is now more fun, more charismatic. Simply.

Well is simply not clear, an evolution so there is nothing simple.

opinion_audi_r8_2016_mdm_3Was the sporty “round” and it still is, but in addition now has the added value of the experience, to hollow out the throttle and feel the car is ready to round a little curve, to be more authentic.

I’m on the road back to Madrid. I’ve been to Juanma framed in the rearview mirror to the steering wheel of the Nissan GT-R and addressed at a pace now quiet a number of secondary roads at some point lost close to Cordoba. I think in the meantime on how to face these lines beyond the test published by Pepe, I think of how to give the congratulations to Audi for the work carried out.