Charlie Whiting denies that the regulation of 2017 make it hard to overtake


The new rules of Formula 1, intends to introduce in 2017, has received substantial criticism on the part of several pilots, who believe that to make the cars 5 seconds faster per lap become overtaking on a mission impossible by the greater difficulty to follow the car in front. The own Lewis Hamilton and expressed it in Bahrain: “Give us five seconds per lap in aerodynamics and nothing will change. Simply we will be riding faster”.

in Addition, Jean Todt, president of the FIA, commented that the changes in Formula 1 were to pursue “how to make a show of Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, how to make the cars faster and more spectacular, and facilitate overtaking, all within a budget decent”.

given the concern that these statements have awakened, the race director Charlie Whiting hastened to come out to the step to deny the performance increase is exclusively a result of increased downforce: it Is incorrect to say that the improvement of the lap times will come only from the downforce, simply because I should not be so. We have had countless meetings with the technical directors of each team, and we’ve had a wide range of proposals, from a huge amount of downforce to a very low level”.

Whiting maintains that the priority of the changes is to address one of the major requests of the riders, an increase of the mechanical grip. “Everything is based on the premise that there will be a significant increase of the mechanical grip, so that, inevitably, we have ended at a point intermediate. half of that improvement will come from the mechanical grip, and the other half of the downforce. One of the aspects that we have discussed is that we should not make it more difficult to follow another car, has been one of the fundamental principles. I think that we have done the best we can, given that we have to have all points of view”.

of course, Pirelli will play a fundamental role in the obtaining of these premises, since the increase of the grip mechanic will come, in large measure, of wheels much wider. Whiting ensures that the final specifications are virtually defined: “we’ve discussed It in depth with Pirelli. We had a meeting in Milan at the beginning of February. We are literally ready to to provide them with a series of objectives that we believe you need to meet along your renewed contrato”.