Charlie Whiting gives the okay to work on the circuit of Baku



A delegation of the FIA, led by its race director, Charlie Whiting, has carried out an inspection of the street circuit in Baku (Azerbaijan), which will host the European Grand Prix next June 19, to check the status of the work being done.

After a thorough inspection of both the track and the facilities, Whiting-who was accompanied by the designer of the track, Hermann Tilke – has issued a verdict positive, ensuring that the circuit is on track to host its first Formula 1 Grand Prix.

“The circuit will be prepared; wherever you look, you can appreciate the quality of the facilities. It’s going to be a fascinating career: the section between the curves 8 and 12 will probably be the most interesting, but also what will be the leading of the curve 12 to 15; the arrival of this last, in particular, is going to be quite spectacular, and the long section between the curves 16 and 20, which will be at the bottom, it will be amazing to see. If I had to compare some other circuit with this, it would be the Singapore, but here the speed is going to be much higher. My next visit to the circuit will be at the beginning of June and I hope to be able to say, therefore, that it will be ready”.

The promoter of the race and executive director of the circuit, Arif Rahimov, welcomed the results of the visit and said that will be working to convert to this first edition of the Grand Prix of Europe in Baku in a dramatic event and unforgettable.

“we were confident that FIA would be impressed by our progress and have been able to confirm this fact fills us with pride; we are delighted by the positive conclusions he has drawn mr. Whiting and now we have to finish the job and make sure that on your next visit, may declare that the circuit is fully prepared to be the scene of a race of Formula 1”.