Chase Carey traces the first key of the new F1


Liberty Media has come up with a speech very politically correct, almost paying homage to the figure of Bernie Ecclestone. But, judging by the first interview given by Chase Carey at the official website of the Formula 1, that does not mean that you will put in a policy of continuity in that the only thing that change are the holders of the shares.

“I’m a little old to be an apprentice

Carey looks well prepared given his experience in the world of media and entertainment, and not considered required to become an apprentice of Bernie Ecclestone. I’m a little old to be an apprentice. I think we provide different things and I hope that by working together we can get the best of this sport. What I give is a long career in the business content of the media, with the sport as a big part of it. I have been involved from the point of view of the tv, so I understand the importance of live events. I understand how to market it, not only with old tools, but also with new digital platforms. I have 30 years in media and entertainment, managing large and complex business, dealing with personalities complicated. Certainly Hollywood is a good training for dealing with unique personalities!

The new President of the Formula 1 supports the great merit of Bernie Ecclestone for having created a global business from a sporting competition is eminently european and far from being professional. But believes that there are many areas in which you can work to bring the category to a new level entertainment and business.


“however, Without taking anything of merit to Bernie, which has been a huge success. The whole world will admire the business he has built. But I still believe there is another level at which we can bring the Formula 1. That is the opportunity that I was excited when I was introduced to the possibility”, said Carey, who insists that the Formula 1 is an entity very special: “it Sounded interesting and I thought that we could give something more to a business that presents real opportunities. Had a chance to do something really special”.

“it is Not a task for a committee, but it also can’t be a dictatorship”

One of the most controversial issues at the political level in the Formula 1 is the way to handle it. For Ecclestone and several of the teams, the Formula 1 should be a dictatorship in the strictest sense of the word, with a man at the helm and taking all the decisions. For others, Ecclestone has far too much power and the teams should have more influence in the decision making process, something which for many observers is already excessive and causes a lot of inconsistency in the regulations.

For Carey, however, there must be a balance, with a leader that will bring together the consensus, and hold those involved satisfied with the actions carried out. is Not a task for a committee, because committees tend to become bureaucratic, but also can not be a dictatorship, although it is probably here we are used to it. You need leadership, and this means creating a vision to reach the appropriate goals for the future. Successful businesses are built on successful leadership that understands what each party wants. And yes, the Formula 1 has many parts. there Has to be compromises. You can’t make everyone completely happy, but try to leave the people sufficiently satisfied as to trust that you are going in the right direction.

“There is a large audience of untapped in the united States

One of the first aspects that were raised when Liberty Media made with shares of the Formula 1 is the expansion of the same in the united States, the only market that traditionally has resisted the category. Liberty, as a us company, he shall not look to the other side and will prepare a plan of expansion, while Carey acknowledges that it is still early to be clear on the mode of action. “it Is too early to have a clear plan, but of course there will be a development plan in America to be on the market in the right way. There is a large audience of untapped in the united States. I don’t want to criticize the efforts of the past, because I don’t know. But the Formula 1 is a great brand and that means, in my opinion, that has to be in places like Los Angeles, New York or Miami”.