Chase Carey want engines cheap, noisy, and standardize the F1

Chase Carey, the new owner of the F1 after buying the rights to Bernie, he has worked very hard with his team to see what they can do to improve the image of Formula 1 and that it reaches more viewers. The american Liberty Media does not want to change the essence of the F1 and want to respect their european descent, but have applied some formulas that work well in american sports to attract more people. They have also requested the assistance of Ross Brawn, who knows quite a bit of this, to study new formulas.

Now the american has said that it wants engines cheap and noisy to the future of F1, which is the same as asking for all the teams. The costs sometimes are not sustainable, and above all to notice the small teams to see how their budget will be almost full in the engine and little is left for development or it leads to ruin. Because Carey wants to get this over with and go back to add power and noise to this category, which is one of the things that the spectators also demand. Chase is aware that the industry works this way, when you do not touch to the real business, everything else should standardize to reduce costs and create more equality. Evidently you know very well that you can’t standardize the engine, because that would close the door to manufacturers of engines we both need this F1. For this reason, the engine does not want to touch him in this sense, only making them more simple, less expensive and more noisy, and if it is possible more powerful to generate more of a show for your new business to grow.

But what if you can is standardize many other parts of the body and the chassis (but not aerodynamics, that it would remain free for the sugar of each team) so they would have unique pieces for all teams to be equal, as the current ecu for example. What you get with this is that the big teams not to expend a treasure in the pieces and that the small gain competitiveness to zoom in and match the large. Obviously, there would be inequality, that is to say, do not want to convert to F1 in a GP2 or similar where everything is the same…

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