Chased a Porsche to 297 km/h, a record speed penalty in Spain

Porsche 911 TurboA driver who responds to the initials of V. M. A. G. was a hunted yesterday by a radar of the Civil Guard of Traffic. Nothing strange up to this point not be able to happen to anyone. The situation worsens when we see that it is a conductor to which there are no points in the card, disabled, and they were nothing less than 297 kilometers per hour.

This conductor 36, which led to a Porsche 911, has infringed, at the same time various irregularities, beating the sad record of circular maximum speed registered on a Spanish road by traffic authorities. In addition to circular to 297 km/h in an area limited to 120, and our protagonist has a disability that only allows you to drive cars adapted to their needs and not more than 100 km/h. To top it off, your points balance on the card was 0, since I had retired until the month of April.

Porsche 911 TurboThe incident took place yesterday at 11:30 in the morning in the freeway of toll R-4 Madrid between the towns of Pinto and Parla. After giving the high, the officers found that the Porsche 911 that he drove was not his property, but Porsche, and it is assumed that he was testing them with the intention of buying it. To be able to shift when stopped, it was necessary to take the place of a wheelchair. The background check of the driver, the police found that he had a history of crimes against property and drug trafficking.

After the incident, the driver of 36 years went to court and the Court of Valdemoro will dictate sentence, and may enter prison or become the freedom with charges. Below we review the offences committed:

  • Circular no driving licence
  • not drive a car adapted for his disability
  • Circular to 297 km/h in an area limited to 120 km/h
  • Exceed the maximum permitted speed of 100 km/h because of their disability.

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