Chassis of wood and electrical technology: Morgan will succumb to the mechanical hybrid in the next few years

Morgan has given the starting signal for the introduction in their range of mechanical, hybrid and electric. It has been officially announced and has fixed even the date of arrival of these versions to a close 2019.

Before the change of decade we’ll see a Morgan electrical and/or hybrid:

By now you have not stated which versions will have mechanical, hybrid or electric, nor that specifications will have these thrusters.

With funding from Advanced Propulsion Centre and relying on Delta Motorsport and Potenza Technology Morgan introduce models for both hybrid and electric despite the fact that, for now, has not been noticed that the models in its range will receive these mechanics.

what A Morgan 3 Wheeler electrical?What about a Morgan 4/4 hybrid?

of course it is still also an open question whether the performance that will have these variants, if they will be comparable to the current mechanical…

according To Coach Morgan will invest 6 million pounds in its plant in Malvern to cope with these new mechanics, in addition to Steve Morris, managing director of Morgan, would have obviously pointed to the fact that these new mechanical options to expand the range of customers of this particular brand.

Morgan presented us with a 3 Wheeler electric concept… and showed us that it was a good idea:

Months ago, Morgan presented us with a Morgan 3 Wheeler electric, the Morgan EV3 Concept, a 3 Wheeler that he kept virtually your look intact but that was going to enjoy a mechanical power of more than 100 horses, with an autonomy of about 240 km and the additional charm of reducing its weight of about 500 kg to a few new 450 kg