Cheap terrain, the world’s best

If you are thinking of buying a SUV or SUV , you can choose between the following models, which are among the cheapest SUV.

Los 10 todoterrenos más baratos del mundo

Dacia DAST 1-

Is SUV cheaper market and its most basic version of this todorreno cheap, is priced at € 11,800, and all versions does not exceed € 19 300. Has ability to have four-wheel drive, but it is not sufficient to overcome difficult obstacles model.

2- Lada 4 × 4

Is cheaper others SUV and is priced at € 12,000; has power steering and new suspension systems, but do not have ABS brakes. Interior is austere, with low quality materials and has an ergonomic consistent with car came out 20 years ago. There is a cheap SUV ideal for tough and demanding treatment.

3- Fiat Panda 4 × 4

With nearly a ton of weight, this is one of the smallest budget SUV market with an aspect current SUV, which uses very little and is able to move well on gravel roads, but also for the city. It costs about € 12,700, posing as another cheapest in the world SUVs.

Suzuki Jimny 4-

is a cheap SUV reduced in size, and offers a perfect combination of strength and agility; ABS has a rigid body, a stepped frame into three parts, and dual airbags. It can be purchased for about € 12 700.

Fiat Sedici 5-

is a SUV cheap little over 4 feet; You can choose between two engines, one petrol, with a manual five-speed gearbox, front-wheel drive and a diesel with manual transmission, six-speed driving all four wheels. It can be purchased from € 14,300

6- Suzuki SX4

debuts completely redesigned front while maintaining the old style.; within a new multimedia system with touch screen and door panels and dashboard displays presented in new colors. Its price from € 15 300.

todoterrenos mas baratos del mundo

Tata Xenon 7-

is the most affordable pick up that is marketed in Spain; double cabin for five passengers and a diesel 2.2-liter 150 horsepower engine and five-speed manual transmission; this inexpensive SUV is priced from € 18 800.

Nissan Qashqai 8-

has six airbags, disc brakes with ABS and EBD, which provides heavy braking and progressive; System Stability Control keeps the car on his way, even during a sudden maneuver. Its price from € 19,400, reappear as another cheapest in the world SUVs.

9- Suzuki Grand Vitara

is a SUV medium, available body with three and five doors; presents renewed in relation to the front wheels and the inner chamber, but without mechanical modifications. Are priced from € 19 600.

Ssang Yong Korando 10-

is a SUV cheap nearly fifteen feet, with a spacious interior; combines front-wheel drive with automatic transmission, and you can buy from € 19 600.

Source Image 1 Dacia

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