Cheat 40 million manufacturer of electrical components Leoni


One of the headquarters of Leoni.

Leoni, one of the largest manufacturers of the planet of automotive components has informed today that has been the victim of a massive fraud, that for the time being is estimated at 45.1 million dollars, 40 million euros at the current exchange rate. Although, for the moment don’t know all the details of the scam, according to a statement from the company itself this would have been to channel funds from the manufacturer overseas.

announced the German manufacturer of cabling systems, one of the 100 largest manufacturers of original components for automotive, scam artists, of which for the time being it will not know your identity, would have employed electronic media, documents, and false identities to be able to move those huge amounts of money.

it is Not known yet when and for how long they have lasted these activities on the part of the scammers, which itself has confirmed the German company is that this loss has not affected, nor to their IT infrastructure and their systems of data security, adding besides, that this incident has not affected the liquidity of the company.


aerial View of one of the factories of the German group.

Referring to the forecast of this fiscal year, the company has not yet been able to quantify the affect this fact to the balance estimated for this year. The first consequence of the knowledge of this fact has been the fall of the stock market listing of the shares of Leoni in a 5.3 per cent.

Leoni is one of the world leaders in wiring system and electrical technology, founded in 1917, has an extensive template 76,000 people spread over the facilities that the company has in 32 countries of the world.

For the moment, the investigation continues, both inside and outside of the
, so surely, with time will come more data
this shocking event.