Check the diesel: India explicitly prohibits their sale in the city of Delhi

Prohibición venta coches diésel en Delhi IndiaCheck the diesel. It seems incredible, and it is not, that has not been a community like the european one which has put the cry in the sky to control the emissions of the diesel. On the contrary, we have relaxed the limits of approval. It has been India who has been promoted now an initiative that aims to prohibit the sale of vehicles with diesel engines in the city of Delhi. Careful, because there are considerations to take into account and, on the other hand, it seems more a measure to be advertised.

The Supreme Court of India has ruled that from now and to 31 march not be able to sell vehicles diesel more than 2.0 litres of displacement. The measurement is taken after the collection of pollution data, which showed levels that exceeded 40 times the recommended limits of the WHO. In India are estimated to be some 600,000 premature deaths each year due to this factor.

Prohibición venta coches diésel en Delhi IndiaThe indian market is strongly linked to the diesel, of a lesser form than the european, but with a clear advantage for a fuel that, in the same way that happens here, can be purchased at a lower price. Therefore, the measure will have an impact, but it makes us think that the impact is going to be more about the manufacturers and their dealers on the environment.

The reason is clear, does not restrict the movement of vehicles with diesel engines, except trucks of more than 10 years. Therefore, these cars will continue to circulate, in many occasions, vehicles with diesel engines very old without the systems anti-pollution current. I mean, while in other countries it encourages the purchase of cars more new and clean, including diesel, in India prohibits the update of the fleet.

Prohibición venta coches diésel en Delhi Indiait Is curious that the prohibition of the sale of cars diesel of more than 2.0 litres of displacement, something that seems to simply further constrain the high-end cars and large displacement. And what is worse, to industrial vehicles. In Europe, there where you see it, a vast majority of diesel vehicles sold are 2.0 liters or less. And the problem of contamination also exists.

The Supreme Court of India intends with this measure to reduce pollution levels and to follow their evolution until the end of march. Will be in that moment when we know if the measure takes effect or not. Probably not as well, or the price to pay is too high, as tends to happen with a good part of the measures anti-pollution taken lately. Yes it can be, on the other hand, a deterrent that criminalizes diesel. Although it is likely to affect those who most need it, the industrial.

Source – Autoevolution