Chery closed its assembly plant in Uruguay


Adventure Chery under Uruguay came to an end, after Chery-Socma announced closing its plant located in the town of Paso Carrasco . There’s Tiggo were assembled and Face , to supply the local and regional market.


Chery-Tiggo L to Uruguayan plant Chery-Socma announced this week its closure , after months of having kept his paralyzed production. With open conflict on several fronts, the cessation of activities also leaves a loss of several hundred jobs .

The Chery in Uruguay adventure came to an end.

The Chinese brand joining at its plant in the town of Paso Carrasco to Tiggo and Face but over the past few months began to join a number of drawbacks.

Chery was prevented from exporting its production to Argentina and Brazil mainly due to new regulations that came into force in the Argentine market concerning the importation of vehicles.

Furthermore, the opening of a plant of Chery in Brazil, combined with the devaluation of the Brazilian currency aa Uruguayan plant left in a very difficult situation. In addition Uruguayans had expectations with a possible business with Venezuela, which finally never materialized .

The demand for Chery products to the region will be supplied in some cases directly from China and others from Brazil current and produces the QQ and Fulwin.

plant Chery-Socma was inactive since last October , at which time most of the more than 300 employees were suspended. Besides the production output of the Uruguayan plant it will affect another 1,000 indirect jobs.





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