Chery for tiggo SUV to the chinese could succeed in Europe

Chery Tiggo

We have been seeing as brands of car chinese are trying to access the european market. However for the many attempts that have been made are not yet able to sell their cars within our borders. The main problem found is that inner quality and safety levels are so low that do not meet our expectations and therefore they are not products to the european customer put some interest.

The other problem is derived from the conception that we have europeans on the products that come from the asian country. We have always said that to buy something cheap you should go to the chinese because their quality is at the level of its price. Asian firms are aware of this handicap and what you have done to find their niche in our markets is to acquire major brands in trouble (Volvo is one of them) to learn their know-how and power to grow to an industrial level.

Chery Tiggo

Chery is one of the few chinese manufacturers who has had the opportunity to enter a european market with some assurances of success. Italy is the main market in the European Union in which it sells its products and on the basis of the results it seems that they do better than we think. In the country of the boot have been sold to some other model as the small urban Chery A3, or the Fulwin.

however things could change as the brand has just put on sale in the chinese market the latest generation of the Chery for tiggo and seeing the good paint that has the model well could end up triumphing in Europe. This model is a SUV with dimensions of 4.5 meters so that would be framed in the segment of the Nissan Qashqai and company. Its design is very modern and has a few lines that for themselves would like more of a model that is sold in our continent.

in Addition, your interior seems to be well finished in terms of materials and settings. If to all this we add the 7 inch touch screen and a system of info-entertainment, the model wins many integers. To finish there is talk of their range mechanics. The for tiggo comes to the chinese market (I would have to do with what motor is released in Italy) with two blocks of gasoline.

The first is a 4-cylinder turbo with 1.5 liter in the front and 152 hp associated with an automatic gearbox with double clutch and 6-speed. The second engine is a 2 litres of air intake with 122 hp associated to a gearbox is also automatically but in this case a CVT. In addition, the traction you have available this model is only the front axle, without being able to incorporate an optional traction to both axles.

By now there are no dates the possible release of this model in Italy, but of being as well prepared as it has very good arguments to succeed. We will be attentive to its evolution.