Chevrolet admits that there confusion between names Volt Bolt and


General Motors admitted that people get confused between Chevrolet Bolt and Chevrolet Volt , so plan call otherwise when hatchback will occur in series next year.


Chevrolet-Bolt G rande was the surprise when a few weeks ago General Motors presented a prototype compact electric car which they called Bolt , not only phonetic similarity with another vehicle Chevrolet called Volt , but that is exactly the same name used by TATA at hatchback production.

But with the recent confirmation to take it to series production starting next year, the American brand said his name could change before their arrival at dealerships of the brand.

In an interview granted recently by the president of GM North America Alan Batey admitted that many are confused by the similarity between Bolt and Volt names and that is why we are considering changing their name if start mass production.

The Chevrolet Bolt is hatchback with five-door body, with its futuristic design made its debut at the last Detroit. It is a product that claims to come to market at an affordable price, with base price $ 30,000 and provide an autonomy that exceed 300 kilometers .





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