Chevrolet Blazer 2019: first details of the new SUV


Chevrolet Blazer.

for many years, Chevrolet has removed the Blazer and Trailblazer of its range, and in the same way that Ford thinks to resurrect the Bronco with a new SUV, Chevy now bring back the life to the Blazer, but unlike its great rival, the Blazer will not be a version of the character off-road, as what will be the future Bronco 2020, or what was in its day, the Chevrolet Blazer.

As is usual in the american corporation, General Motors remains with the lips sealed with respect to this model, and although there are several reports that support the existence of the project, for now we can not say that there has been no official confirmation.

These reports indicate that the new Chevrolet Blazer will be a SUV of a family, a model designed exclusively for road and that is likely to be an alternative high-capacity interior, probably with 3 rows of seats and capability to accommodate seven passengers.


GMC Acadia 2018.

According to Automotive News, already know several details about the new model and its range, as well as two mechanics that are emerging as the basis of the catalogue of the new Blazer, which in theory should be presented in approximately a year. So in 2018, we should see at a minimum your presentation. According to this publication, the basic versions will have wheels of small size and two exhaust outlets of type of circular, and mount the engine four-cylinder 2.5-liter atmospheric. Versions higher will have tires of greater size and chromed exhaust outlets of trapezoidal shapes. As for the motor, we will find a V6 3.6-liter atmospheric, a common motor for many models of General Motors.

The new Blazer will occupy the space that exists between the recently revamped Chevrolet Equinox, a compact SUV, and the greater Traverse. This probably have 3 rows of seats, so that the only model of any brand of GM which fits this profile is precisely the also refreshed GMC Acadia. An SUV of medium size, that has a third row of seats and can comfortably accommodate 6 or 7 passengers, depending on the configuration chosen.

Is something soon to insure it, but the Acadia is the perfect base for the new Blazer, taking into account course specifications. Your presentation, as we have mentioned, should take place during the next year, 2018, but as a model 2019, so the first opportunity we had to see him will be in Detroit, although the appointment of New York in spring is also possible.