Chevrolet Blazer 2019: the first images of the new crossover


First images of the new Chevy Blazer 2019.

it was no secret that Chevrolet was preparing a new SUV of medium size, located between the current Equinox and Traverse, and to which many point to as the model that will rescue from oblivion the famous teaches Blazer. Name that disappeared from the market for over 10 years.

This is the first occasion that we see one of the test units of this new model, which had been much talked about but had not yet been able to be hunted. This copy heavily camouflaged has been sighted while filming on roads of the state of Colorado, in the united States.

Precisely few days ago I talked about this model, when we did echo of the speculation suggesting that the recent Chevrolet FNR-X Concept presented at the Salon of Shanghai 2017 was really a preview of the new Blazer. This will be based on the same platform as the GMC Acadia, which has a length of 4.917 mm and a battle of 2.857 mm, between the average of the heights of the current Equinox and Traverse Chevy.


Their camouflage does not allow us to see any details of the new model.

If the FNR-X gives us an insight of some of the new Blazer we can’t say for sure, as the thick camouflage that carries this unit does not allows us to glimpse any details. On the basis of their silhouette, the FNR-X a rear window more inclined than that of this exemplary and the proportions do not match too.

In terms of the snout, seems to be more a short drive camouflaged although the front is appreciated quite sharp and with a clear and sharp line descending wedge, although given the youth of this unit, it is possible that your current ways as we can mislead. But it is evident that the forms of the FNR-X correspond to those of a prototype room, including the particular configuration of rear doors-style suicide and the absence of the pillar B.

unlike the Acadia, will only count with two rows of seats (the Acadia can accommodate up to 7 occupants) so that its length will be below the 4.917 mm model GMC. Will have engines of 4 and 6-cylinder and is unlikely to have the automatic transmission 9 relationships that employ their brothers of range. His presentation will be at some point in 2018.