Chevrolet Camaro 1969 G-Code: the purest style of the Ringbrothers for SEMA 2016


Close to 1,000 HP V8 LS3 risen to 6.8 liters.

For this edition of the SEMA Show, the specialists at Ringbrothers have been saved, not a but three special presentations. All of them with your distinctive personal stamp, easily recognisable by their high quality finishes and very high level of detail. On one hand we have the preparation Cadillac Madam V, for whose manufacture they had to hire up to 3 individuals, and on the other hand we have a Mustang and the fantastic Camaro that we see in the images, called G-Code.

Made at the request of a client, such as the great works of this workshop in Wisconsin this Camaro just retains nothing of its technical approach original, except for its unmistakable silhouette, everything else is completely new, and many other elements, in addition, created ex profeso for this work.

rack-level, we find the two trains are rolling completely new, with suspension AFCO on all four wheels. The new brake discs are Baer 15-inch front and 14 back, and the huge wheels are 19 and 20 inches, with huge tires, measures 275/20ZR20 and 335/30ZR20 in front and behind respectively.


Aesthetics faithful to the Camaro 1969 original.

The mechanics is a V8 LS3 6.2-liter custom-made, with the displacement increased to 6.8 liters and a compressor Whipper is able to reach close to 1,000 horses, all of them to the rear wheels through a manual gearbox six speeds. Not yet revealed all the specifications of this work, but surely the transmission will be a Tremec and the exhaust will be own manufacture.

In terms of its design, it exudes the style of the workshop of the brothers Ring on all four sides, while on the outside we find the unmistakable silhouette of the Camaro 1969, with a fantastic interpretation of the hidden headlamps, whose covers really make lenses, on the inside we found everything but the Camaro donor. On this occasion, the studio has opted for a luxurious and comfortable interior fitted with two large butacones brown skin clear and sporty design.

Dashboard, dashboard and central console are new, look very technological, and worked but with a design focused on luxury. The tunnel central, lower part of the dashboard and the door panels also appear in the same skin, with the double stitching of the same color. Special mention deserves the steering wheel, an interpretation very modern, dual-tone and twin-spoke chrome.


Created under the request of a client.

On this occasion, the brothers Ring not have radicalized the entire exterior, it seems that the cabin has been the that has led to the metamorphosis of more deep, but this does not mean that we find ourselves with a body sober.

The huge gold rims in five twin-spoke, 19-and 20-inch look great, especially the rear, peeping out from behind. Are the only discordant note in this piece, which even limits the exhaust outlets to two rectangular windows under where it should be the bumper chrome rear.

The front area seems to be the more sober and less elaborate, however, a look at the pictures with the lenses on and we realize that so-called lids are in reality the lenses, since these are translucent. This is the kind of detail that makes them unique to these builders.