Chevrolet Camaro 2019: new images of the update of the Camaro


New prototypes of the Camaro spotted in Colorado.

In the last few months have seen several test units camouflaged for the Chevrolet Camaro. What evidence that the us-based firm is preparing a new version, that, under the camouflage that it carries seems to have a deep update.

The Camaro in its current format was introduced in 2015 as a model 2016, the first model of the sixth generation of the pony car from General Motors that had come about a year and a half after the premiere of the successful Mustang S550, also of the sixth generation. Just a few months ago, at the Detroit motor show 2017 was presented the Mustang 2018, the major update of the Ford model to date and which included a facelift, with a redesigned front, new optical and important improvements in the section of equipment.

The specimens that appear in the images are in appearance very similar to the unit that hunted our photographers at the beginning of march, with a camouflage very deep in the front and behind. Although in this new series of spy photos we already have a better perspective and to a lesser distance from these test units, which reveal their innovations with greater clarity.


Just a morro and behind appear camouflaged.

The camouflage of the front area appears very bulky, which makes it look more bulky than it really is, however, in these new images are seen as is a added, that in addition appears separate from the front real. The hole that you see through the holes in the false front is evident, and the reason of this piece seems to be to completely hide the volumes and the shapes of the front real.

On the hood we find new ways, as in the first exemplary game, with a canvas translucent -probably a open mesh – hiding a visible bulge in the central area.

In the rear camouflage is also considerable, but not nearly to the ends of the snout, lenses also appear to be hidden so that makes us think that hide what’s new under the vinyl.


At the back we find even lenses hidden

If the first time that we saw one of these copies, we assume that we could be faced with the possible Camaro Z28, these new images may indicate that Chevrolet is already working on an update of the Camaro, a drink to not be left behind against its competitors, in the case of the Mustang will come refreshed on the market in autumn this year.

The absence of a rear bumper more bulky or new exhaust outlets larger in size, they make us think of an update range more than a sports version of the current.

In the case of the refreshed Camaro, would not arrive until at least the year
, as a model 2019, and by what we see in these images
will have new developments both in the front and in the rear, with a few
changes in the lateral view. At the technical level we find the new box
automatic 10 relations
already found in other versions of the
Camaro, as the ZL1, as well as the latest developments of the group in the
field of information and entertainment.