Chevrolet Camaro 2019: we hunt for the new range of 2019 to the full


New Camaro SS 2019, probably debuts new box of 10 speeds.

The range Camaro 2019 will premiere a major update of the model. To be able to compete against the refreshed Ford Mustang 2018, in Chevrolet are already immersed in that will be the first major update for the entire range Camaro, and as we can see in this new series of photos spies will affect the entire range.

In the great gallery that you have just below these lines you will find 50 images in which you can see a large part of future versions of the range 2019 of the pony car, from the most basic versions 1LT up to the most radical ZL1, you also receive these modifications, also by the variant of an open body.

The new aesthetic will find especially in the front and in the behind, and given by the thick camouflage that have some of these test units, the redesign must be fairly large, because Chevy engineers have bothered to hide with fake volumes across the area in front of.


the Entire range Camaro will receive the same update.

At the technical level you will find settings in the entire range of mechanical, currently composed of motors 4, 6 and 8 cylinders. For the moment, there are no reports on the developments that will be implemented but expect a slight increase in performance and improvements in the efficiency of current blocks. In the case of versions equipped with the V8 6.2-liter (Camaro SS) it would not be surprising the inclusion of the new case of 10 relations automatically, which already mounts the Camaro ZL1 and who will be available for a total of 8 models from GM, of which 4 have not yet been identified.

One of the major novelties of this new iteration of the Camaro would be the premiere of the new version Z-28, which was also present in the previous generation, and not a few rumors have starred in the past few months. Although the current ZL1 1LE was pointed out for months as the future Z-28, what is certain is that they continue having reports which point to the arrival in 2019 of this new variation above the current ZL1 with an engine of about 700 HP, probably shared with the future Corvette ZR1.

The new range Camaro 2019 should be submitted at the beginning of 2018, probably in Detroit, although, as expected, that quote is the premiere of the new generation of the Corvette, it would not be surprising that Chevroletdecidiera wait until the spring to desvelarlo in the Hall of New York, or in any private event, as it did in may of 2015, with the current generation.