Chevrolet Camaro by Geigercars. Celebrating the 50th anniversary with 630 HP!

Chevrolet Camaro by Geigercars

Officially it is not possible to acquire a Chevrolet Camaro in Europe, since some time ago, the american brand decided to cease the marketing of its vehicles in Europe. However, this has stopped being a problem thanks to the preparer German Geigercars, we care about the muscle car american, and, in addition, we prepare with a pleasant modification aesthetics and a considerable improvement in power with the occasion of the celebration of the 50 anniversary of the model.

The visual changes are quite bold. The Chevrolet Camaro series is a muscle car, so that is quite eye-catching, of those cars that make heads turn wherever they pass and not just because of the sound that emanates from their exhaust outlets, but also for its aesthetics. In this case, the preparer German Geigercars adds aerodynamic kit very strong with a large lower lip for the front bumper, side skirts, bumpers, rear with a striking diffuser and wheels OZ Racing at 21 inches, “shod” in tires measures 255/35 in front and 295/30 behind.

Chevrolet Camaro by Geigercars

Named by Geigercars as Supercharged 630, this Chevrolet Camaro used thruster LT1 a 6.2-liter distributed in 8 cylinders placed in v-shaped Thanks to a new compressor, a reconfiguration of the electronics and a new cooling system, the heart of this american raises his power from the 461 HP to 630, while the engine torque passes from 617 to 791 Nm. A few improvements that allow it to circulate to 305 km/h and make a 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

serve little purpose all these benefits if the tires are not able to transmit all the power to the asphalt, or if the brakes were scarce. To improve your behavior and turn it into a car really fast, they have introduced a suspensions with adjustable dampers from KW, a limited-slip differential, braking system signed by Brembo and an exhaust system more sports that puts the icing on this entire cake american conveniently touched up in Europe.

Chevrolet Camaro

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