Chevrolet Camaro COPO 2016: a sports factory prepared for the “drag races”

up their noses, so you’ll know, for that huge hood bulging up to limits ridiculous, but with a reason to be pretty logical. The Chevrolet Camaro SNOWFLAKE 2016 is the new sports racing, drag race, Chevrolet, an adapted version of the series to run on the categories of Stock and Super Stock NHRA. A beast that doesn’t lack of anything, nor is its supercharged engine (although it is also available with a maximum torque of the engine hidden under the bulge of the hood, or its Goodyear tires for great traction, nor his parachute in behind to help in the deceleration.

The more detail that is characteristic of the Chevrolet Camaro FLAKE is, without doubt, in his hood bulky. In 2016 they will make 69 units, certified by the NHRA to compete in their categories in Stock and Super Stock.

Chevrolet Camaro SNOWFLAKE 2016 that you see in these images is to auction the next year. And beyond this prototype, this show car, Chevrolet has planned the production of another 69 units to be delivered throughout 2016.

we Talk about a very sporty special, hand-assembled in the workshops of Chevrolet from a good number of pieces – including your body – the Chevrolet Camaro series, and racing engines experimental. Your clients will have the option to take it with a naturally aspirated engine 427 7.0-liter, the new 376 6.2-liter, or even the 350 5.7 liter supercharged. All of them associated to a change of three speeds created only and exclusively for this type of acceleration testing.


  • to preparation, beyond the chute, and the hood buckled, this Camaro has received a treatment of thinning which has resulted in savings of at 60.5 kilograms in your body and still increase the structural rigidity of 28%. Features adjustable suspensions, a rear differential designed for testing of acceleration, disc brakes, lightweight steering rack-and-pinion, fuel pump of high pressure, harnesses, safety cage, etc., etc.

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