Chevrolet Camaro Red Line Series Concept, direct to SEMA

Chevrolet Camaro Red Line Series

Chevrolet introduces their Camaro Red Line Series for the EMS, a prototype that has most of the street car hall, and that might be one of the first special editions of the new generation of the coupe. It is a preparation on a visual level that has little to do, according to the data we have now, with a preparation of high performance.

Of fact is not based on a Camaro SS, the most powerful of the range currently, so that we must go forgetting a V8 engine under the hood. On the contrary, the new engine 2.0 turbo will surely be the one chosen to be the novelty, and in that case we can expect a slight power increase. In the end, now with a Mustang Ecoboost, the Camaro must sell also its mechanical 4-cylinder.

Chevrolet Camaro Red Line SeriesBut focusing on your appearance, the Chevrolet Camaro Red Line Series Concept applied to a paint color silver Enhanced Silver Metallic on your body, but contrasts with more details dark. For example black seizes the mirrors, the roof, the grille, or the 20-inch wheels.

The red plays another main role in the preparation, with vinyls in different parts of the body, trim the air intake of the front bumper, details on the tires or the brake calipers. To finish off the job, Chevrolet has obscured the pilots rear and has reduced the height of the body.

The interior for now I do not know, but it will not be surprising that it offers a color scheme of a similar result. The upholstery will certainly be black in color and the details will contrast in color red. In any case, we must wait for your presentation in the Salon SEMA to know all the details and the end result.

Source – Chevrolet

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