Chevrolet Camaro Track Concept: a new and radical prototype of the Camaro to Geneva


Chevrolet Camaro Track concept.

A prototype unpublished of the Chevrolet Camaro is not one of the vehicles most common that we would expect to find in an appointment as the Salon of Geneva, though that does not mean that it is something really rare. But on this occasion, a few hours ago that General Motors and the PSA Group announced the purchase of Opel by a part of the group galo – is something that is taken for granted and tomorrow at first hour there are called paths press conferences – cobra quite a bit more meaning and is more curious than it might seem at first.

Chevrolet for the moment has launched a brief teaser of a model based on the current Camaro SS, called the Camaro Track concept seems to have an update fairly aggressive to radicalize both its appearance and its performance, within the meaning of the denomination that has used the american brand.

The Camaro looks a deliberately eye-catching body-green apple discounted and some huge 20-inch wheels of black, the same color that we find in the splitter and the side skirts. For the moment, the brand just what has been described as a model intended for track day.


Until now, the presence of Chevy has been limited to a coy marketing of the Corvette and the Camaro.

After leaving Europe, precisely to let the free market completely for Opel, Chevrolet has only been present in a few dealers are responsible for marketing the Camaro and the Corvette. An adventure-less successful than its rival from Ford, the Mustang.

The purchase of Opel by PSA would mean the own abandonment of General Motors in Europe, leaving a huge space for the rest of brands of the american corporation. Among these, only Chevrolet would be a candidate for a possible official entry into this complex market, to which precisely has the models to spare, and in virtually all major segments of the old continent.

we do not Know if these are the intentions of GM, but unless it has been previously agreed upon with PSA, we doubt that is not the approach taken, at least in the medium term.