Chevrolet Camaro Turbo AutoX: the Camaro more sharp for SEMA 2016


Vibrant color for the Camaro plus cash.

Chevrolet could not pass up the opportunity of the SEMA Show in such a special time of the Camaro, just a month ago met no less than 50 years. For this edition, Chevy had in Las Vegas several versions of the pony car, among which stands out the Camaro Turbo AutoX, a version for anything usual in this type of events.

The Camaro Turbo AeroX is not designed to highlight the musculature of the model, in fact, is based on the mechanical version, more economic, the four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo. The reason is simple, it is the variant that is less weight you have, so that the brand has chosen to highlight the athletic prowess, in terms of handling, the Camaro.

The sixth generation of the sport was born, with a new frame designed to raise the dynamic performance of the model. As the sixth generation of the Ford Mustang, its greatest rival, the development of the new Camaro was intended to give greater agility, away from the stale image of the raw power, only usable in straight line.


Huge 20-inch wheels.

The Turbo AutoX, that reads autocross, with a number of improvements to level of rack, such as docks more rigid and dampers specific, new anti-roll and 20-inch wheels with tires 285/35R20 more soft and brake system is improved. Modifications which give less height to the ground, and a behavior more sharp.

In terms of its mechanics, you now have new intake and exhaust system of high performance. It has not been revealed yet end power, but we understand that it must have improved somewhat with regard to the 278 HP (275 hp) original. The Turbo AutoX employs the six-speed manual transmission, with a more closed.

In the exterior elements found on carbon fiber and new lip
lower in the aggressive, bumper-type SS. In the same bumper
we found a tow hook competition and a GoPro camera.