Chevrolet closes the guided visits to the plant of the Corvette for 18 months


Factory of Bowling Green.

Chevrolet has announced that suspended for 18 months visits to the plant, which manufactures the Corvette. A few visits that are open to all fans of the brand or the model, but that will be temporarily suspended.

it Is normal that Chevrolet restrict these visits each time that the plant has to undergo to update jobs, but generally these stops tend to be a few months, not a year and a half. So this is a clear sign that Chevy is preparing something in the factory, and does not want anyone outside to have access to it.

we Already knew that the plant in Bowling Green, whose only task is to assemble all versions of the Corvette range, it would close a few months to perform a series of modifications. These will be made with the model change, the MY 2017 MY 2018, and you will understand what will be the largest reform of the last years of the plant.


The current C7 Corvette in its assembly line.

In recent years, General Motors has announced major investment for these facilities, the last of them of nothing less than 290 million, in theory to necessary to update and modify the assembly operations of vehicles, whatever that means to that euphemism. These latter works require you to close the production plant for 3 months from the month of June, the precise time at which it will cut off also the tourist visits to the plant.

This investment not only seems astronomical, is that is. As in 2011, to be able to adapt to the production of the new C7 Corvette, only were required to 131 million dollars, of which almost half, 52 million, were allocated solely to the creation of the new facilities of the bodywork.

in Addition to these 290 million, in 2015 will be invested other 44 million to increase the capacity of work in the Performance Build Center, intended for the manufacturing of the engine LT4 V8 6.2-liter from the current Corvette Z06, and nothing less than that 439 million for the creation of a new painting workshop, whose works began in the summer of 2015 and, in theory, end up in the summer of this year. The new paint shop will be moved to the extreme opposite of the plant.


The Corvette ZR1 will start its manufacturing in brief

┬┐you Really need that much money? Surely yes, especially when it is about the generational model and the beginning of manufacture of a version so differentiated as to be the new ZR1. Although the brand does not want to say openly all the real changes that are going to have the plant in the coming months.

as for the reason to be no less than 18 months without guided tours is very simple to find out, after the modifications of the plant will begin preparations to begin the manufacture of the ZR1, and a few months after the plant is required to prepare for the arrival of the C8, so that we can think that during 2018 will carry out the tasks to be able to welcome the new production of the Corvette C8, so the fewer eyes the better.