Chevrolet Colorado Gearon, special edition for the Hall of Chicago

chevrolet colorado gearon 2 Chevrolet Colorado GearOn, edición especial para el Salón de Chicago The Chicago Auto Show is just around the corner and all manufacturers are anticipating their news, showing more or less detail. Chevrolet will this American cites a special edition of its successful pick-ups, the Chevrolet Colorado Gearon , which will debut before the American public the next day February 13. The Chevrolet Colorado is very similar to the Isuzu D-Max, as are vehicles joint development.

This special edition has some distinctive elements, but everything revolves around the catalog accessories Gearon it is named. Among them you can find various elements that fit the cargo, such as a tent portaskis, load separators, or other structures that can grasp from kayaks to work items like ladders. The Gearon accessories are designed for those who love outdoor sports and optimize cargo space available.


From the items shown in the video, the Colorado Gearon equips crossbars, cargo dividers and rings for clamping. All other accessories shown in the video can be purchased separately. The pick-up is offered in three body styles, the extended cab and crew cab (on images) with box load short or long. Leave the level of termination LT, intermediate range and the base price is $ 31,250, about 27,600 euros to change.

Gearon The special edition is available in 2WD versions RWD and 4WD wheel drive with gearbox. The only engine available is the 3.6 V6 of 305 horses power, associated with a six-speed automatic transmission. Optionally can be self-locking rear differential.

chevrolet colorado gearon 1 Chevrolet Colorado GearOn, edición especial para el Salón de Chicago Other elements found in the Chevrolet Colorado Gearon are footrests, the black alloy wheels 18 “[1,999,006], the front grille in body color, anagrams in black color, front fog lights, heated rear screen and remote start.

Source – Chevrolet

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