Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is a off-road of hydrogen suitable for the army


A prototype military vehicle of hydrogen with multiple benefits with respect to combustion

During the meeting of the Association of the Army of the united States has released a spectacular project of General Motors vehicles propelled by hydrogen. The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is a prototype of a vehicle of exploration of zero emissions with which the army of the united States will evaluate the benefits of the hydrogen fuel cell in the field of battle. The result is a vehicle of enormous proportions, aggressive exterior design and able to move where he pleases.

A agile and quiet 4×4 for exploration

The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 in the field, offers numerous benefits compared to combustion vehicles traditional. For the army a vehicle of exploration needs to be agile for driving on all types of terrain and do it in the most discreet way possible. An electric vehicle has the advantage that it is extremely quiet while driving and in addition generates less heat than their counterparts of fossil fuels, making it more complicated detect in exploration missions.


Your fuel cell may be extracted to be used as a source of external energy

The fact of mounting an electric thruster offers a delivery flat torque from the moment the wheels begin to spin which means better performance off-road that joins your tires 37 ” . The manufacturer mentions that the water vapor expelled by this propulsion system can be used. Maybe a system with a collect and debug to make drinking water?

on the other hand, the fuel cell can be removed and installed with ease for, among other uses, can be used as power source portable when the vehicle does not need, for example for the feeding of electricity to a point of emergency. A tank of hydrogen it takes to fill up practically the same as one of gasoline so that the “top” of these vehicles is extremely easy and quick.


The american army will consider their benefits over the next few months

The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is based on the famous Pick-Up but has modified their platform to increase their measures. The prototype of hydrogen measured about two meters high and two meters wide with a challenging aesthetic whose painting military is degraded as it moves toward the behind becoming in a tone that is solid.

The manufacturer has not given exact figures on the characteristics of its propulsion system -power. couple, autonomy, etc…- however gives all the advantages outlined above on your flexibility. The prototypes will be subjected to testing by the u.s. army during the next few months.