Chevrolet Corvette Aerowagen: First images of the Corvette shooting brake


Images taken during a shoot.

coach Callaway had your kit for to transform the C7 Corvette into a shooting brake is already about 4 years with a series of renderings and sketches. Until now, we had not been able to see any real drive of the model is already transformed.

These images demonstrate that the project managed to move from the drawing boards. Were published by the company itself and have been taken during a commercial shoot in the circuit of Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.

Under the name Aerowagen, we discovered a complete transformation of the rear area of the passenger compartment, it loses its particular form of bubble and acquires a new section of roof that extends the original almost to the end of the rear. With a result quite striking and very well integrated visually.


it Will be introduced in April 2017.

The transformation affects the rear window and C-pillar, and has been possible thanks to the C7 Corvette has been the first generation of the sports that has had back stile. Normally all the generations of the ‘Vette have used a rear window of curved shape, which eliminated the need for a third pillar.

Removing the bezel and extending the height of the pillars already existing is as Callaway has managed to transform the C7, without touching a single panel most of the model. As you can see, rest is identical to the original model.

Even account with the original roof, practicable, , as can be seen in some of the images. According to some specialized media, the new Corvette Aerowagen Callaway will be presented in the Museum National Corvette between the 27 and the 29 of April, coinciding with the annual event of the museum.


Available for all versions.

This new transformation Callaway is available for all
versions of the generation C7
, including the Z06. Its price is 14.990
dollars, to which must be added other 2.980 for the paint job and
1.995 for a spoiler specially designed optional.