Chevrolet Corvette C6 (2005 – 2013)


Chevrolet Corvette C6 coupe base.

The Corvette C6 relevaba in 2005, the fifth generation of the sports, which as we already saw, had suffered a major redesign in all areas. Since the new frame, made with a new method, until the new family of engines LS. In the case of the new C6, we find mostly an evolution of the fifth generation but with many and profound changes.

In the first place, the frame was again modified, now offering about 13 cms less length but with greater distance between the axles, even, than its predecessor. The transmissions continued in architecture transaxle, supported on the rear axle and the mechanics were greatly improved in the front and heavily modified. The section of suspensions was completely new, not shared no elements with the previous generation, counting also with the active suspension Magnetic Ride.

On an aesthetic level kept the volumes general of the C5, but with a finish more refined, leaving the edges soft and rounded forms that characterized this by a presence more emphatic, with edges very marked. The first feature distinguishable was the disappearance of the optical front-type retractable, which since 1962 had been present in the model.


Chevrolet Corvette Z06 next to a C6.R.

This novelty, according to the brand, was for aerodynamic reasons, and heritage of the sport experience of the successful C5-R, and like this, the C6 also enjoyed great sporting success in various championships and continents.

unlike the previous generation, the C6 had a range much more open and full, with numerous versions of the mechanical and special editions, among which we highlight the anniversary for the first century of life of the brand. In a few years it was to have up to seven different versions, counting the limited editions and versions performance.

The body styles remained the usual two, coupe and convertible, leaving the third option Hardtop that premiered as a variant of access to the Corvette C5. Interestingly, and also unlike its predecessor, the open body was born at the same time as the coupé, so that they were available from the first time.


The Corvette convertible was presented at the same time that the coupe version closed.


The base version of the Corvette premiered the new V8 engine LS2, an evolution of the new LS1 aluminum 5.7 liter raised his cubicaje up to 6.0 liters and power up to 405 HP, only 5 horses less than the LS6 from the previous version C5 Z06.

as of 2008, Chevrolet presented a new powertrain for the Corvette base, called the LS3 was an evolution of the LS2 grew up to 6.16 liters and got up to 435 horses.

On the Corvette base now you could request, optionally, the option package Z51, that for about $ 5,000, including improvements in the cooling, stiffer suspension with new shock absorbers, springs and stabilizer bars, brake discs perforated larger in size, and new tires. The transmissions available are both manual and automatic, 6-speed in both cases, and in the latter with cam behind the wheel for the first time in the history of the model.


Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport convertible, replaced the package optional Z51.

The package Z51 was available until 2010, when Chevrolet launched a new version of Grand Sport replacing the option Z51, installing all the new components and the LS3 engine with 435 HP. This as well as the performance pack Z51 was an option, because it included a large part of the elements that characterized the version Z06 but for a lower price.

version Z06 was born in 2006, the year after being presented the sixth generation, who presented the new block LS7 7.0-liter, dry-sump. Made by hand that it was a profound evolution of the previous LS6, which was close to a hundred horses. With a few 512 horses, the new Z06 added about profound changes with regard to the Corvette base. The elements mentioned in the package Z51 added a front grille is larger and a deep work of lightening, which included front and front fenders made of carbon fiber, lightweight wheels are 18 inch front and 19 rear, and brakes with six-piston calipers on the front axle and four at the rear.

Although the leap forward of this generation was remarkable, having even a certain acceptance in Europe thanks to the introduction of Chevrolet in the old continent, the real surprise would not arrive until 2009, when it was presented the new generation of the Corvette ZR1, project name ‘Blue Devil’, which was the first Corvette to be marketed with more than 600 horses, thanks to its new engine, supercharged LS9 638 horsepower, which allowed him to reach 330 km/h.


Chevrolet raising the denomination ZR1 for this version of 638 HP.

The novelties of this version were remarkable. With carbon fiber present on roof, hood, fenders, or the front splitter, the new ZR-1 contaba with the larger wheels installed ever on a Corvette, equipped for the first time in history with Michelin tires instead of the usual GoodYear. It was also the first to have brake carbonocerámicos, with the area of the pads is painted blue.

One of its most characteristic features was the small window of transparent polycarbonate that showed the V8 LS9 in the central area of the domed hood, which should be higher, precisely because of the overfeeding.

from 2011, various elements of the ZR-1 were included in the Corvette Z06, as the brake carbonocerámicos, suspension activand various elements manufactured in carbon fiber.


The first Corvette sold with more than 600 horses.

special Editions

The Corvette C6 had several limited editions and special versions during these years, beginning with the first limited edition Ron Fellows Championship Edition, first edition signed of the history of the brand that had the decor of white and Artic White with longitudinal lines of red color.

The rental company Hertz commissioned a Chevrolet up to 500 Corvette in 2008, for which he created the Corvette ZHZ, on the C6 base color yellow with racing stripe lines of the color black.

In 2009, he was presented the limited edition GT1 Championship Edition, celebrated the debut of the Corvette C6.R in the class GT1 championship American Le Mans Series 2009. This version was available in both body coupe as cabrio, in addition to in the finish prestacional Z06. The base versions were available of the package Z51 and an exhaust system special. All were painted the same yellow of the Corvette officers of competition, to which they added wheels in chrome and the spoiler from the ZR1, along with a variety of finishes in carbon fiber. In total there were produced 600 copies.


Corvette Z06 Carbon Limited Edition 2010.

In the summer of 2010 came the Z06 Carbon Limited Edition that had a production of only 500 copies. This had only two colors to choose between the orange Inferno Orange and the new blue Supersonic Blue, as its name suggests, had several pieces of carbon fiber as a hood or splitter, the suspension adaptive optional wheels 19 and 20 inches, respectively, and blacked-out headlamps. The ZR-1 took the brake carbonocerámicos Brembo and the rear spoiler.

In 2012 celebrated the 100 years of the founding of Chevrolet, so that as many models of the brand the Corvette was a special edition anniversary, called Centennial Edition that had a paint finish Carbon Flash Metallic, suspension, adaptive Magnetic Control Ride, and a variety of finishes in matte, as in a tire, which also appeared a red line.

The farewell to the Corvette C6 ran over the essential version 60th Anniversary, which was marketed in the form of optional package for the whole Corvette range for the anniversary model in 2013. This package included special paint Arctic White with racing stripe lines of the color silver and the interior in blue leather, with anagrams, alluding to the 60th anniversary everywhere. This optional package was submitted at the same time the convertible version with the engine of 7.0 liters, 427 cubic inches.


Corvette 427 convertible, with the engine from the Z06 package and the 60th Anniversary.

This was the same V8 LS7 that sits on the Z06, version never enjoyed an open body in this generation, even removable panels in the roof, so that this version was the closest thing to a Z06 convertible, though without the name, nor the majority of elements of this sport variant. It is therefore the Corvette C6 convertible faster, with its 3.9 seconds to do the 0 to 96 km/h.

In production from 2005 to 2013, the generation C6 was a great success. Were manufactured in total a little over 215.000 copies of the model, a few tens of thousands less than the previous generation but with a large spread in markets once forbidden for the Corvette, as well as in Europe, where although it remained a product for the minority, thanks to this generation had the greatest diffusion of its history.

The success in competition came from the hand of the C6.R and a new version Z06-R, which competed in the European Championship FIA GT3. Developed in Holland and manufactured in Germany by the european division of Callaway this model featured with various handicaps imposed by the federation, but still managed to win the championship in their second appearance, in the season 2007.


The new C7 compared to its six predecessors.

In January 2013, was presented to his successor, a renovadísimo C7 Corvette that returned to the name Stingray, now without a space in the middle of the expression, forming a single word. The technological leap of this was important, approaching even more the Corvette to the tastes of the clients of european sport. Path started with the C5 and that with the sixth generation of the model began to achieve results.